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ShidoItsuka74739 Oct 27, 2018

I thought it was Akihisa Yoshii who was the worlds biggest idiot.

TheFreakinKenz Aug 12, 2017

  • Hellooooo From Thailand

My Name Is Kenz Nice Meet You ^^

VlN Dec 22, 2016

Sorry for not replying for so long. Real life happened ^_^'

So.. my top 3 anime are the following:

1) .Hack//

2) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

3) Fate series

.Hack// is my favorite one, cuz it's the 1st "actual" anime I've ever watched (there were some dubbed anime on our television when I was a kid, but these don't count :P). 

I LOVED it! The characters, the setting, the whole feeling and especially [The World].

Tengen Toppa was the best series I happened to watch. It was a ray of hope shining down on me when I was in Junior-high. These years were not so good for various reasons, so TTGL was exactly what I needed!

As for Fate, the world-building and the way Kinoko Nasu links everything, is fantastic! Every detail, even the minor ones, is crucial to the plot and every character is likeable and useful on the long term,

So..how about yours?


No problem.

When you say the Fate series, do you mea Fate/Stay Night?

That's cool, maybe I'll look into it then. I'm a sucker for good characters!

My favorites would be Noragami Aragoto, Haikyuu, and Orange. There are more but those are my main favorites. Everything about Noragami Aragoto was amazing. The characters were all likeable, the storyline was super interesting ~ and the opening was just flawless.

As for Haikyuu, I really enjoyed all the drama & the suspense always kept me on edge. The characters were amazing as well ~ there wasn't one character that I didn't like, which I think was the first time ever. It's also quick paced, so none of that boring unnecessary information/plot that bores people.

There's a lot of contradiction for Orange, but I personally loved every minute of it. I really liked the characters, and the storyline is amazing! I feel like I say that for everything, but it's true haha. I can't say much without revealing spoilers, but you can really relate to this charcter names Kakeru. (Not for everyone, but I did at least) It's just really good, and the feels were real!

andreichekov Nov 23, 2016

funny thi is that my name IS Jacob XD

and yeah, I've watched Konsuba. one of the funniest anime i've ever watched XMegumin for life <3

I used to make fun of the waifu crowd, but I totally understood when I saw megumin.


I don't think that show would have worked without her. I expected her to be like the chuunibyo girl, but she was wayyyy better.

andreichekov Nov 23, 2016

oh. OOOOOOHHHH, right. as you can see, my list is very big, so there might be some anime with glimpses of fanservice.usually, when i want to see something with fanservice, i go full echi or borderline-hentai, but that's just me.

the closest thing for "Yukinaservice" that comes in mind, is Jormungand's Sophia Valmer. nothing else comes in mind now.

for the Eren-Levi statement: don't worry, i have fast reflexes :P i'll dodge it, either way ;)

I'm not really looking for fan service, or even Yukina-service. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your comment on character page. Yes her back muscles are... well, they are just... they are.

Levi is like the best vampie hunter out there. He'll make your ass sparkle faster than you can say say jacob.

Do you like Konosuba? I'm not going to look at your list to find out because that would make us have less to talk about.