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to be honest, i had high expectations from "oresuki" because of the anime's interesting story and the first episodes that where really great. But i quickly realised that this anime did "parody" the rom-com genre, and it was naturally degrading for it's premise, especially with such a story that could've been developed in a really good way and the beautiful animation that really stands-out from the lot. After the introductory episodes (1-3), it felt like the anime was just an intro to the manga, just an anime that was put to make the manga popular, which it failed to do so. The last episode was really a torture, i just was waiting for it to end so i can get to something else. And even at the end, where i had little hope that it may get better, it just became even worse than before. I usually don't get to comment on an anime like this because i'm really picky from the first episode, but i wish i could put a lower grade to this anime. And i'm a fan of rom-com's and i've watched dozens of them, so my review is reliable. For any one who wanna start a good rom-com or is new to the genre and came here to read the review's, i absolutely DON'T RECOMMEND YOU to watch this rom-com, or at least don't start with it. The best choice is to watch some popular rom-com's that pretty much everyone loved: Oregairu (review in my profile), quintessential quintuplets (review in my profile), toradora, golden times, lovely complex... It will definitely get you some experience and you'll knew to distinguish the good from the bad. Then you can get to any other rom-com, maybe even oresuki, and you'll know if you'll be able to continue it or not.

Side.N: sorry for the bad english XDDD :)

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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