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"my teen romantic comedy SNAFU" or "oregairu" may seem like a plain romance/harem/comedy anime, but it is not, that's what makes it one of my favourite anime's. I think that every one who dropped it should continue, because it may seem boring and slow a the beggining (especially for the romance), but as you'll get throught that slice of life part you'll start watching a sweet and solid romance between the two main leads.

story 9/10: the story is really unstable at the beginning, it's a blur between the poor amount of romance and the harem. But as time and episodes passes, you'll understand the story quickly from the MC's POV and it will be easier to get into the anime after. But for fan's of rom-com's who likes fast paced romance, i suggest you to read the manga. There is pratically no difference, but we all know that an anime episode can be read in less than 5 min as a manga chapter. So you'll get to the good part real fast, and you'll be amazed on how the story develops.

animation 8/10: the animation is plain and simple, but well executed. While this type of anime's don't need a real effort for good animation as there is nothing complicated to animate, it really does a great job and the animation particularly stand out as a rom-com. The best part is the character design, which i absolutely adored!! From the MC's to the supporting cast, they are all beautiful and well drawn. It really draws into the lot, as it did for me

sound 9.5: the sounds are really good. All the japanese VA's are great (especially yukino, yui and hiki, the MC's) and the OST's are simple but really relaxing. 

characters 10/10: the best part of "Oregairu" is it's characters. It's really common to have a mix between the cold male protagonist, the distant female protagonist and the cheerful deuteragonist. But "oregairu" is the anime that made this type of mix so popular. So it does it well, maybe even better than we expect. Not to forget to mention the MC, Hachiman Hikigaya, is one of the most popular anime characters of all time, especially because of his relatable personality and his extremely interesting POV, that would captivate anyone and makes him think about his past actions and may even drown him in nostalgia, like it did for me. But don't get it wrong, not only the MC, but all the other characters are well written and have a unique and good even fascinating personality.

overall 10/10: a really good anime, and a must-watch for rom-com fans

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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