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Fate/stay night

May 5, 2021

AFTER WATCHING 15 EPISODES OF F/SN (minor spoiler alert!!!)

i'm usually clement when it comes to reviews, and this time is no exception. So i'm gonna talk about each point of the score and explain why i put this and that grade

story 7/10: the story isn't bad or anything like that. Its actually quite interesting. The holy grail war, the servants, masters and powers are really good. But halfway throughts you may get bored, like i did. If you are reading this review and willing to start the series, i suggest you to NOT watch fate/zero before, like everyone recommends. Because the quality, the story and the characters are soo great that it will feel bad to watch the first studio Deen adaptation. I think that is why i didn't really like F/SN, as i watched F/Z before. But do as you like, i may be the only one not to have enjoyed.

animation 7/10: tbh i thought about putting a lower grade but for the effort that the studio put in this adapt i will put a 7 to 10. The effects aren't bad, and graphics weren't THAT terrible, but the character design was just horrible. but even if everything was perfect, it still doesn't hold a candle to it's successors: F/Z and F/SN: UBW animated by studio Ufotable, the genius behind demon slayer. So if you have an issue with bad animation, watch directly F:Z and pass F:SN, it isn't glorious in it's animation like ufotable or actual studio deen.

sound 8/10: yeah, i'm putting and 7.5 for this one. I didn't like the two openings. But the OST's did really fill the lack of music quality in the OP's. So this grade is quite deserved

characters 8.5: the biggest strengh of the series is it's characters. If we remove the MC (that is a complete "protect concept" stereotype character in F/SN, but becomes pretty cool in F/SN UBW) i think the characters are extremely likable, from Rin to my fav character Saber and Gilamesh (a character from F/Z and F/SN UBW)

overall 8/10: i think F/SN isn't for everyone, and that some may have a hard time enjoying it. But it's overall a good series where i didn't feel too bored and that is a good introduction to the epic second and third season (F/Z and F/SN UBW)

S.N: i suggest you to start out with F/Z if you don't have a problem with a lower quality in F/SN, it will make you understand more the world of the FATE franchise, and the ending of F/Z won't be as predictable

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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