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Tokyo Ghoul:re

Feb 20, 2019

The second season of Tokyo Ghoul has is a very fast paced anime that focuses on the main character of Haise who is the leader of the Qs squad which is a half breed collection of teenagers who fight off the enemy; ghouls. The anime itself is incredibly fast paced and lacking in many places, while the first season seemed more like a full set this seems to feel rather empty. It's missing some star qualities in it's story that should have been addressed. If they took it slower instead of trying to rush through the whole arc then perhaps it would have been better. Instead they rushed it through what seems to be a very large arch in only 12 episodes which is doing the source material a huge injustice.

While the story itself looks wonderful on paper it's portrayal was lacking. While I feel like reading a manga might get you more information anime is an adaption for a reason. If you cannot portray the manga to it's full int he anime then it should not be done. I did not read the manga so I was left with a ton of questions that for the most part later were answered albeit really quickly and without much explanation. While the story was lacking in depth it gave us new characters to love.

I loved the dynamic between characters and they all really did seem like a close knit family with their issues and all. While Urie gave the most issues I did not come to hate him though there was a twinge of dislike on how cruel he could be it wasn't as offly put as Touka in the first season. It seemed to fit in perfectly than stick out like a sore thumb.

One thing I was not partial to is them not being as clear as the age of Saiko. The rest you can guess they are teenagers but Saiko looks like an eight year old with the chest of a twenty year old. She also acted like a child as well, not pouting and never leaving the room, her mentality was that of a child. The animation was once again wonderful other than that little detail that I wasn't overly fond of. The fight scenes were great and like the first season it was action packed. Through out you see Haise learn who he is and learn more about himself and, watching him be torn in between two factions of life and wanting to have both.

Overall the anime isn't horrible but it isn't good. You shouldn't have to read the manga to understand what is going on in the anime. While it's not as gory as the last and it seems to be more action froward and more sci fi forward with a huge focus on weapons and investigators it lacks in so much else. There are parts that are great but then there are parts that make no sense at all and it leaves you wondering what they are leaving out. i think the anime would have done much better if this arc or well half arc went over two seasons instead. Really digging into the world that sounds great and people want to know more about. Instead if flashed over it in an attempt to move quickly whereas it did not need to. If you want to continue watching Tokyo Ghoul then I say you will be disappointed, it's nothing like the first season, but if you like to continue their story and not read the manga it's better than nothing.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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CeDeR Mar 12, 2019

I thought it was just decent but after several suggestions I read the manga, and its just so much better. Just read the manga and skip this IMO. They changed many story elements, in the manga the ambience is way darker and it truly feels you're reading a horror story. Long story short, the anime is not a good adaptation of the manga. Cheers.