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Tokyo Ghoul

Feb 20, 2019

Tokyo Ghoul season one is a uniquely strange rollercoaster that makes you hang on to your seat. It is a new spin on a mix of zombies, and vampires themselves in what is called ghouls. They are zombie like creatures only in the fact that they feed off of the flesh of humans and any other food they eat makes them sick. Vampires as in they keep their sanity about them and thirst for the blood of humans and ghouls alike. However, if you feat upon the flesh of a ghoul you receive serious repercussions.

The anime focuses on Ken Kaneki who is an average college school student who ends up going on a date with a ghoul that changes his life forever. Now he faces the new life he must embark on and it goes down a very dark and twisted story that leaves you satisfied yet wanting more, a strange thing to feel. You aren't left with too many questions and you find yourself liking more than just a few of the characters. While it lacks with some it excels with others.

The character Touka is one I wasn't really keen on since it seemed like her "powerful" personal was wrapped around the idea that she had to be mean to most people. Women can be powerful without being mean. While at the same time I did enjoy the things she did for the girls in her life. As you understand her more you realize why she is that way but there are times where it is just over the top and not needed at all. She is unncessarily cruel to the main character and lashes out for seemingly no reason at all.

Ken himself at first seemed dull and I thought maybe I wouldn't like him all too much. He was always crying but as I watched more I realized just how normal and real he was. Anyone placed in his shoes would be the same. You watch him grow into a strong man who eventually faces off with so many people that only makes him stronger. He of course teeters on the edge after a traumatic experience and once he overcomes it you see just how much it shapes him into what he has become, be it good or bad.

The other characters are all so diverse and wonderful that you can't help but fall in love with them and you're heart being crushed when something bad happens. Even the humans in the anime pull on your heartstrings and make you hesitate on which side you want to be on. However, you'll find those who fit your ideas just like anyone else and it really makes the anime real even if it is extremely fantasy sci fi based.

The animation itself is beautiful. Everyone had their own unique look, their own style and it showed. The powers of the ghouls all looked similar yet uniquely different at the same time. While it showcased what they were with the unity it showed just how different each one was with their powers. The fight scenes were some of the best I have ever seen and the emotions portrayed on the faces of the characters, even their body language was clear which is something I love. Everything about the animation was beautiful.

I watched the dubbed, yes I know some might hate that but I enjoyed it very much. The actors put their all into it and while you may notice voices from other animes you enjoy it doesn't take away from the anime what so ever. Everyone did an A+ job on their voices and portraying their characters. Though my favorite would have to be Ken himself and Investigator Amon. Their chemistry and their acting together even in just voice mixed with animation was something I found myself loving to watch.

Without spoiling anything this anime is wonderful and if you haven't seen it I suggest you do. This first season is truly a wonder but that isn't to say it doesn't have it's cons. It has it's moments of comedy that don't quite mesh well and sometimes has it's fanservice that some might not enjoy. It can get pretty torture porn at times which isn't exactly my favorite but it doesn't cross that very thin line for myself personally. But it might with others so watch with caution if you are not into those sort of things.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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