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Laid-Back Camp

May 29, 2018



A charming anime that gets the job done with excellent presentation, music, and a fun cast.




Familiarity and stereotypes are neutral. When people bring up familiarity and stereotyping, they often use those terms to negatively judge something. Creativity is praised and overly familiar anime franchises are called out for their presence. What most people don’t talk about is how familiarity and stereotypes have purposes. Most stories are familiar because people like certain types of stories and anime producers know that these stories appeal to most people. Stereotypes exist because we have common characters within stories and these characters fit roles in these stories. Familiarity and stereotypes are neutral and how they are used determines how well done an anime can be.




            Laid-Back Camp (Yuru) is the story of high school girls who become friends over their love of camping. Rin, a quiet and reserved solo camper, becomes friends with Nadeshiko, a ditzy and overly hungry girl, and both become friends through camping. Add in the Outdoor Activities Club from their high school and that is the main cast. This is a cute girls doing cute things (CGDCT), a slice of life, and Iyashekei (‘healing anime’, with minimal conflict and intended to help the viewer relax) anime, and common ideas are used. The focus is on relationships, with the girls planning and going on different camping trips. Much food is eaten, scenery is observed and calming music is played.


Plot, Cast, Art


            What distinguishes Yuru from most slice of life anime is that enough details are given to the characters so that they have the feeling of character while keeping their simplicity, the chemistry between the cast is convincing, the camping is tied into the story and plots well, and the calm pacing is relaxing instead of grating. A common story is given a gorgeous presentation, with the animation and designs giving Yuru a personality of its own. The music is memorable and fits well, giving the scenes little spurts of excitement and release. The plots are enjoyable and give the characters plenty of room for comedy and touching moments. Yuru sets its goals and never loses sight of those goals.




            Yuru Camp is the rare slice of life that I looked forward to, as one meets with a cheerful and relaxed friend. There is never too much time spent, and the time together is fun. For cynical anime otaku, Yuru Camp may be the right antidote to weekly stress. For everyone else, this is a display of how to take common ideas and make the most impact of them.


Is Blank Worth Watching?


Yes, Yuru camp is excellent for most anime fans. Enjoy this well made anime. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall

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