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Kana Jul 3, 2017

Hora Hora <(-^w^-)/ Welcome to Anime-Planet \(-^w^-)/

Anime-Planet has built a friendly community of anime/manga fans just like you.

Which means it provides you with the perfect opportunity to connect with like minded people

and establish new friendships near and far. (-^w^-) 

Not only can you track which anime's you have watched or which manga's you are currently reading,

you can also:

  • create/decorate your bio as you like
  • write reviews about an anime/manga you liked or disliked
  • recommend anime/manga
  • follow other people and recieve follows back and
  • you can enter the forum without making a new account!

In the forum you can talk more in-depth about certain topics and make a few more friends! 

I hope you will be able to enjoy Anime-Planet as much as I do. <(-^w^-)>

If you need any help or someone to talk too, feel free to leave a comment on my profile page~! d(>wO)

Mata ne~