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Ichizou Nov 10, 2015

Its Ok man :D Don't worry. I understand

I've also been pretty busy in the last couple of days since my exams has started. I've got to hold on for 2 weeks then i can then be FREE!!! hehehe

While you haven't catch up with your currently watching anime. Me here is trying my best not to watch as much since exams has started hehehehe

Morrow1994 Nov 10, 2015

Thanks for the response! I just ended up using KissAnime as my video site and anime planet as my source of finding ones to watch. Perhaps that's what Anime Planet was meant for to begin with, lol. May I ask for some suggestions on some good anime? The tags here get pretty detailed(perhaps a little too much,lol), but the best source is from other people, and using google gets kinda old you end up with the same responses for the most part. My favorite anime would ideally have action with a good story line and a romance sub plot. I'm a sucker for a good action/romance but I cannot stand animes with a lot of fan service. I want a good story line not panty shots and weird incestual relationships, lol. I just tried watching Date A Live and I didn't even make it thirty seconds in because of the opening scene and it's obnoxious panty shot of the antagonists sister. To give you and idea of what I like here are a few that I would give a high rating. (Some of these have no romance at all but I love any action or adventure anime with a good plot and good artwork/graphics) 

Chrome Shelled Regios

Attack On Titan

Eden of the East

Rurouni Kenshin

Ghost in the Shell SAC

Darker than Black


Tera Formars

Blood +

Speed Grapher

Akame Ga Kill

Zelow Nov 9, 2015

I actually mis-read your name lol. My mistake, I thought it said "youmacon" which is a huge anime expo we have here in Detroit.