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Ghost Hunt

Mar 22, 2013

At first instance looking for a scary manga, I tripped with this story. Horror and gore readers are recommended to skip this manga, which although it has an interesting and nice story it doesn't achieve the feeling of horror but it's more oriented to a supernatural story. 

The story focuses on Mai, a good spirited common student which by coincidence or destiny meets a paranormal investigator, which she calls Naru. Seeing potential on her, Naru hires her to work with him and his assistant Lin, into paranormal cases. There she will learn about the entire paranormal world and the people that are called experts on the area. 

The situations are quite simple and the cases are well directed. The information on paranormal studies are quite interesting but destroys certain aspect on a basic horror manga. One thing that can create the creepy atmosphere on the stories is the unknown and this manga totally destroys it with all the information given by medium, monks, researchers and priests. Even on scenes where the ghosts are attacking, one feels the easiness that Mai will know what to do, since she was instructed by an expert on the matter. 

[SPOILER] One other thing that unpleased me was Naru's attitude and personal grow. The character didn't mature and the story of his brother Eugene, rather than turn into an interesting twist for the story, it finishes as a crappy romance fail. Great to know... that now Mai is Necrophiliac, since she has feelings for the dead. [SPOILER] 

Others than Naru, is interesting to see a more humanistic side on the paranormal experts, which always are perceived as honorable, lunatic or preachers. Here we relate with a monk who works more as a musician, a bad mouthed shinto priestess, a spoiled medium and a young and innocent priest. Funny thing, the adults are less trustable and commit more mistakes than the young ones. Even so, characters are quite light and lovable. 

Inada Shiho seems to have only done this manga and the sequel "Akumu no Sumu IE". The drawings are quite cute which is perfect for the normal scenes. The problem comes with the horror scenes, that even if includes blood and vicious creatures, the drawing doesn't help to create the spooky atmosphere. It's like a quite common horror house, where you can tell everything is fake. 

Overall the story lacks on some important points for a horror story. But if you're interested on paranormal activity on real life, it could be interesting for you. Personally I'll read the next one. 

8/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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