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CrimsonCondor May 4, 2020

I cannot empathize, but I do sympathize. You will eventually and gradually adjust, and I am here if you need anybody to chat with. By the way, I noticed Kurome from Akame ga Kill! is on your hated characters list; why? I will not judge you.

CrimsonCondor Apr 7, 2020

I am glad you are okay despite recent happenings. Why do you wish to return to school? I attend school online, so the quarantine has affected my schedule very little. I hate leaving the house.

CrimsonCondor Apr 4, 2020

You do not need to analyze media critically as I do. All which matters is you acknowledge and utilize facts when forming your opinions. For example, you can dislike a character I like on the condition you adhere to the facts about the character. Otherwise, it merely boils down to perspective. I appreciate you reading my explanations fully despite never requesting them. It is considerate of you. I will attempt to consolidate my messages more to save you time. How are you today?

CrimsonCondor Apr 1, 2020

I recently decided to continue Fairy Tail after five years; it is far from spectacular, but I do feel it is the best long-running shounen in terms of world-building, pacing, and character designs. I may finish the entire series, as it provides a truly nostalgic feeling for me, and I need something light-hearted to watch. My favorite character is definitely Lucy; she is the most realistic, unique, and well-developed character in her time. I hate Juvia because of how repetitive and one-dimensional her character is. I dislike Natsu, but I do not hate him; he needs to quit it with the quixotic "power of friendship" dialogue, and he is basically an exact replica of most other long-running shounen protagonists, but I can sense underlying complexity, and I am waiting for it to manifest itself before forming a firm judgement. I also like Gray and Erza, but I feel their characters are gradually deteriorating, which I hope changes. Cana is rather unimportant, but I like her impact on Lucy, and there are not many characters like her, so I like her as well. Wendy had potential despite being an insert character, but it has tragically not been realized as of where I am in the franchise; she has been simplified into a background character, and her gags are monotonous. I am indifferent about the others.

Regarding Attack on Titan, I slightly dislike Bertholdt because very little has been done with his character, but I hate none of the cast members thus far. I love Levi, Mikasa, Armin, Annie, Historia, Eren, and Kitz, but I like several others. Kitz may be a minor character, but he foreshadows relevant events in the third season, and he realistically embodies the mindsets of the Military Police. Armin is easily the most lifelike and elaborated of the characters, so I definitely understand your choice! Eren seemed repetitious in the beginning, but he soon proved himself as an ultimately human character. Historia was depicted as a background character for some time, but the girl ended up being one of the most crucial and revolutionary ones; she is far from what she seems. Mikasa is extremely intricate, and her character is presented in a very intelligent, original way. Most people have not properly analyzed her, even those who adore her like I do. I love how she comes to terms with herself and her surroundings. Her design is natural yet ethereal. Annie is truly complex too, and her compelling sense of duality won me over immediately. Levi is simply impeccable; need I say more?

I apologize for the monologue! I love chatting about characters, as they are my favorite aspects of media, especially when it comes to those from franchises I enjoy. It helps me deduce the inner workings of the characters as well. Are there any characters you dislike in those series, and if so, why? 

CrimsonCondor Mar 27, 2020

Those are intriguing selections! Attack on Titan is my favorite anime, but I have also watched a hefty fraction of Fairy Tail. Who are your favorite characters in both?