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desacron Mar 28, 2017

took a bit, I've been a bit busy, but I caught up with latest The scholar's reincarnation and boy was it good totally going on the list. Thanks for the find!

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desacron Mar 26, 2017

Glad to here you enjoyed them >.< d

desacron Mar 26, 2017

Yea I remember you 8). suprisingly I found that most manga have some love intrest come up at somepoint i'll try to recomend something where it's not the focus or that has none at all. The legendary moonlight scultor is pretty good. It's similar to Sword art if you enjoy life in a video game angle. "Inuyashiki" is pretty great if you like something a bit darker and thoughts about the human condition. And if you want something a bit lighter and maybe a laugh or two check out Baito saki wa"Aku no soshiki"?!

desacron Mar 23, 2017

Ah yea I really like this one, I'll go ahead and add it on.

desacron Mar 21, 2017

When ahead and read the manga it wasn't bad definately a good read. Thanks for the recomending the mange went ahead and added it to the list.