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Snape Apr 7, 2009

Jj, já taky vlastně. Nenapadlo mě to. :D

Snape Apr 6, 2009

Člověče, ty si prostě všude. :D

chamomille Mar 31, 2009

it's because when i'm desperate and have really nothing to watch, i'm always checking the recs for anime i liked and i'm setting the anime status according to the synopsis but i can't see if it is connected to some other series/movie or not..

btw, how do you like fushigi yugi?..i liked it a lot but i think it's more attractive for male "net" friend was really annoyed by neverending crying "Tamahome, Tamahome!!!" lol.

chamomille Mar 30, 2009

Beck - i don't like rock music very much..and what really discouraged me were recs for my lovely Nana..Nana is my "holy" anime^_^

Gunslinger Girl - the tags..i'm not really into girls with guns..

Kino's Journey: Byouki no Kuni -For You- - I don't really you think it's worth watching?

Millennium Actress - well i downloaded it, quickly came through it and then decided not to watch it..

chamomille Mar 29, 2009

well, you know, i don't really mind the incest stuff, but it has to be somehow attractive..but man in his thirties, not bishie at all..that's why i wasn't able to go on..but now i really want to finish it some day..there must be some interesting message at least..btw, it's the same with me - the more i watch anime, the more i appreciate my top 5..