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Feb 24, 2018

Every frame of this anime could be screencapped and slapped onto someone’s dashboard for their aesthetic. That is how distinct the art style and character design of this show is.

The show uses a form of “plaid animation”, where something will be animated over a still color or object as it moves, creating most of the time a jarring effect that is usually the sign of a lazy animator, however in Mononoke, the show utilizes the art to create a sense of a surreal, dream-like environment, intentionally focusing on the jarring effect. The art and design of the environment is also extremely ornate and beautiful.

The show focuses on the story of the unknown Medicine Seller and his travels through Japan (in an unknown time period), killing spirits and creatures known as Mononoke. However, he cannot do so until he learns their Form, Truth and Reasoning/Regret, which leads to some very interesting lessons at the end of each story. This setup is somewhat of a relation to the Mushi Shi series and so if you enjoyed this you would also enjoy Mushi Shi, orwould of come from Mushi Shi to this series. Also the reaccuring character is The Medicine Seller, we gain very little knowledge of this character as the story pours more focus into the subjects of why the Medicine Seller is in the situation he is each episode, also a similar aspect of Mushi Shi.

Although the plot of each episode is similar and follows the same schedule, this doesn't make it seem repetitive or boring due to the indepth creation of each character, of which none are left out and are all held to their own individuality, creating a sense of realism within the anime.

I very much enjoyed this series, mainly due to the need to fulfill the void that Mushi Shi left inside of me, to seek out something similar and just damn calming.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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