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The anime is  totally a meme. You can see a lot of references, and that are really funny. Really. This anime iş so similar to an anime named Saiki Kusuo. MC is really similar to Saiki. Wang loves noodle crisps like Saiki's coffee jelly love. Botu of them are overpowerred MCs in their world. And botu of them are trying to hide it and the story is about their insistion of trt-int to hide this power. 

For this anime;

Story: Well, evden though there isn't a big plot the story continues. Its a comedy donghua so dont wait a good plot but its still pretty interesting and funny. 

Animation: Animation is perfect. The fight senes, backgrounds, character designes.. I loves all of them.

Sound: Of you are an anime watcher Chinese dub may be a little irritating for you but if you had watched a fee donghua you will understand that the voice actors did a great job. Aş for the OP, I dont like slow songs very much but this one had a great vibe. ED was good too.

Characters: Well, I liked the MC so much. The Girl protagonist was a total tsundere highschool goddess that falls in love with the MC. So you decode to weather love her or not. The other schoolmates were the classic characters that you can find in evert anime like sport boy, bully, tsundere girl, the boy that comes nowhere and  clings onto MC, the others and emotionless overpowerred main character. 

About all this donghua had got such hilarious moments. Like asassin with plastic chicken, asassin creed references, dragon ball references, and there are lots of but couldnt remember it. 

Its an awesome comedy donghua I highly recommend it. (Oys still airing now.)

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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cureed Mar 13, 2020

i agree with you i liked it either but unfortunately while i watching i caught some newbie translators and i got a dissappointment here not about anime but yea not gonna gew gaw in the result i like it 🙂