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SakuraNowa Oct 27, 2020


I AM currently watching the second season of the donghua and starting the novel, but it will take some time to finish since I dont rlly like reading but I will finish it eventually. 

Yea I have to go now I will ask for recommendations later...thx

Your English is fine

What language do you originally speak?

SakuraNowa Oct 16, 2020

Hiiiii i followed you. I see from your profile that you have read manua and manhwa, I would rlly like reccomdations. I just started getting into Mo Dao Zu Shi, I can see that you like it A LOT and i am beginning to be obsessed too. I also just want to talk if you like just about anime, manga, manhua, manhwa and maybe even donghua (even tho ive seen like 2). But I would really apreciate reccomendations. 

Btw i also like reading bl and stuff so, yea.

DameGrimoire Aug 24, 2020

I found my pfp on DeviantArt from xXLunaTheMonsterXx. There was no link or description telling me it came from another artist & I never found anything when I Google searched.

Thank you for letting me know who the true artist is, I will be updating some artist credits to link to the correct creator.

dododochan Aug 11, 2020

it makes sense but it also a reason you just unconsciously compare both of them which isn't really a good thing. and yeah I realised that later on when I searched the studio

dododochan Aug 11, 2020

i give 5 stars if i enjoyed reading them i don't really try to actually value or rate them also Im glad i found someone with the same taste as me