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GalezOasis Feb 12, 2021

Aha it's actually not from an anime nor is it created by me. I found this picture when scrolling down so credit to the artist

YaoiGodAbove20 Feb 11, 2021

YEAH~~ Melissa deserves all the simpings coz her character is a total breath of fresh air. And I've to come across videos of the TGCF donghua to know that's actually Xie Lian in the pic & not Melissa lol

GalezOasis Feb 4, 2021

Oh whoa well hello! I also love your pfp very much, Xie Lian is a pure baby. But yeah I wouldn't mind!!

YaoiGodAbove20 Feb 4, 2021

Hiya mate ;) does that pic of Xie Lian smiling strikes you as similar to Melissa from beware of the villainess??