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Buddy Go!

Jul 1, 2020

It is an adorable cute romance manga.  It is about a girl who has trouble expressing herself, but she has a fiery passion for dance.  Since she is shy, she dresses up as a boy and uploads videos of her dancing so no one would know her identity.  Her inspiration and the person she wants to beat is Hayate, another amazing dancer.  But after some unexpected events, she becomes a dance duo with him under the name "Buddyz".  Still, he doesn't yet know her real identity.  It surpassed my expectations!  Though it doesn't present anything unque orginally, as the story progresses, more characters are fleshed out and the relationship between the main characters develop naturally and satisfyingly.  

The art is very adorable and fits the genre of the manga well.  The characters are also amazing.  One thing I absoulutly dislike is a "pathetic female lead", who cries alot and is easily flustered by the ML.  Ai/Shizuku is nothing of a sort!  Both strong willed and skillful.  She is not afraid to push her limits when it comes to dance.  Though it is a romance manga, unlike others, they do not abandon the rivalry between the mc's once the romance starts manifesting which I geniunly loved about this.  She solves her own problems with litle help from the ML needed which is great on her part.  The male lead is also another amazing character, since there is many misunderstandings that happen as the story progresses, he reacts naturally which I find much better than a male lead who just loves the female lead blindly, even then, he is so very understanding.

One genre I generally despise is angst and the idea of a complicated love triangle.  This story does present potential supporting love interests, but it keeps to the light hearted romance and somewhat comedy, no hearts are broken!  I am currently at chapter 31, and there is a potential of someone getting rejected but I am sure the manga can repair any relationships that may be a awkward after this.  The main characters do sincerly care for one another, yet they do not ignore the feelings of others and will ensure that they will be okay even if things are not going their way.  It does provide the occasional angst and rift between the main characters, but doesn't have a long drawn out argument but still is not rushed at all either. 

I 100% reccommend this to anyone. Especially if you are ready to get invested in a couple of amazing characters and a great plot!

9/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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