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I've Always Liked You

Apr 25, 2020


Nothing special.  Just a basic generic love story.  I found myself liking it at first, since it was a break from all the complex animes and mangas.  Refreshing high school romance i guess.  Not a drama in my perspective though.  Its not the best or anything, i was bored of the simple romance halfway through but forced myself to continue.  While it is simple and prehaps a bit heart warming, it isn't anywhere near the best or anything.   

Very predictable.

It is part of a franchise (is that the correct term?) that consist of two movies, including this one and one series.  Personally, i think the series (our love has always been 5cm apart) is the best one out of the bland and generic animes.  

I mean, this movie wasn't bad or anything.  It just wasn't unique or special in anyway so I could barely finish it.


I personally found the animation quite beautiful, but my friends say they look like frogs so i don't know whats happening there.  Once again, the animation wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst, like the anime, it was average.


Though nothing in this anime is memorable, i remember the songs in it was okay, I really can't remeber much of the sound because I was half dead by the end of the movie.  But I have listened to alot of honeyworks other songs which were much better than the animes, so i assume if they even had a quarter of the quality fro music than it would be eight


If I had to use three words to describe all the characters: Boring, Generic, Bland

They had no flaws whatsoever, but i have seen the same characters literally a hundred times before.  I actually usually don't mind a generic character, because i tend to like basically everything.  I thought i would be fine watching this, because I usually don't mind if the same thing happends again and again but these characters were just so copied.  


Do I reccommend this?

Not really.

Should you decide to not watch it because of his review?

No, i mean, if you wanted to watch it already then you should give it a go.  I know this review makes it sound like trash but its just an opinion really.  I suggest at least watching some trailers and AMV's of these if you aren't sure.  

I found these animes with this amv: click here It is a pretty good AMV.

As you can see I still gave it 6/10 which is pretty high considering my words in here.  The anime didn't do anything wrong, it just wasn't for me in the end.  If you watched it for its specific genre, high school romance (very little drama) than its actually fits perfectly

5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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