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The premise of the story should be very generic, main character teleports inside a novel as a side character while supporting the heroine.  Accidentally making the ML's fall for her by accident (this hasn't happened yet but i suspect it will come soon).  I am very glad to say that this actually took a unique turn.  Even with this seemingly basic storyline that many other mangas have, it still manages to catch my eye for how different it is.

I honestly love this.  If you are interested in reading the teleport into novel mangas, but is tired of the same generic story again and again, as i am quite frequently, this is a very good read to take you out of the cycle.  

This genre is comedy, romance (?), drama, reverse harem, school life,

I have to admit, I really dislike harems or reverse harems because i have seen one too many failed tries at this genre, each doing a horrible job at letting us see the depth of each love interest.  Also, it is just very annoying to be able to clearly predict which one will end up with the main character.  This manga did an amazing job at a harem, I currently cannot find myself rooting for anyone in particular because all of them are very lovable.



It was beautiful.  All the characters were very beautiful.  Though it may not be the best out of the best, I have no flaws with it so I decide to give it 10/10.  The colour palettes were very well chosen, and I love how the author gives awareness how all the main characters always have unnatural coloured hair and eyes.  I applaud the author.  I just found this little extra thing adding some more interest into the manga.



While I could go over all the characters with detailed explanations, it would be no help to a new reader who is completely oblivious to the names.  So I will try to keep it simple.

The main character:

She is incredibly hilarious, as are her interactions with all the other characters.  What I particularly liked about this story was how serious it was while being funny.  Without revealing too much, the main character goes through a very serious moment where she doubts herself and has a drop in her confidence, not only with herself, but the people around her.  Very realistic and I am interested on how they plan to take her character.  I love how she has insecurities, because many mangas with this genre makes the main character with the confidence level 100 and that she can do anything.

The love interests and the heroine:
I love how they took this.   The love interests all have their unique personalities and I personally love the heroine.  I want to go into more detail but that would spoil the story and ruin the feelings for new readers so I have to stop myself.



I am going to give this a 10/10.  But I often get very excited about many mangas, that in my eyes seem like perfection but if one would approach it on a educated and rational with no emotions viewpoint, they could disagree completely.  I personally think this is worth a read, I just found myself reading all the chapters that had been updated in one sitting.  100% recommend!

I often get put off by one bad review that makes the mangas that i consider reading sound horrible, so i wrote this review to hopefully convince people to at least check it out before dismissing it completely


9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Anish360 Nov 26, 2020

Thanks for the review!I had lots of time in my mind that should I read this manhwa or not , "will I like it or I will drop it?” so I can't decide.

Hunza456 Sep 3, 2020

But how am l supposed to start reading this