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nGL, one of the best yaoi i have ever read.  It had everything I likes: tsundere normal looking uke x seme with problems who likes teasing uke.  Idk, i just loved these tropes which are more common than you think lemme add.  

Even though I say this, this is gonna be a 100 percent non bias review




This is a beautiful classic idol seme x normal uke.  The plot was very nice and unlike some other yaoi's it doesn't just have smut, it has a GREAT plot.

Problems with most yaoi's is that there is JUST SMUT.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good smutty session but if it lacks plot and the two ppl don't love eachother than NO THANK YOU BYE.  

Thank the lord above that this has BOTH an amazing smut scenes and a thourouh and interesting plot.  Lots of drama and at one point, something negative and huge happens to their relationship, it broke my heart and it was honestly beautiful when eveyrthing gets fixed. 


eVERYthing was in proportion (thank god),art was honestly beautiful.  Nothing bad to say about the drawing itself.  Its coloured let me add. The colour palette of the uke soemtimes bothered me idk why.  


Complex and well written.  

I have one issue tho, Esau.  I love a possessive seme but at one point the uke was talking to someone and then he gets jealous and makes him stay in the car. I found this cute honestly, he gets jealous easily i thought to myself.  But now I think about it, its a bit toxic.  The fact that Esau cannot let the uke talk with someone else without getting jealous is disturbing.  

But, overall, Esau is fine and the other characters are nice as well.

Overall, read it.

9/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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