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Ahh, i love this movie so much. One of my favourite out of the whole Free! series.

Smol Spoilers so read at your own riskkk

The Story

This movie is basically when the main character (Haru) and his friend, (Makoto) went to Middle school.  This story was so innocent (?) and cute.  I was honestly really glad that they made a whole movie about the past of the characters.  

Even though the story was very heartwarming and stuff it did explore some problems the characters were dealing with in an amazing manner, such as Makoto trying to change himself, Asashi's sudden loss of confidence, Ikuyu's problems with his brother and etc.

When I finished watching this, I noticed how the fact that Ikuyu sort of copied Haru alot wasn't cleared up.  But don't worry, they acknowledged and fixed that problem later in another series.  

(This paragraph is sort of unrelated) I also love how realistic, not just this movie but the whole Free! series, is.  I always get annoyed when the MC wins just because of plot armour and stuff.  Free!, Haikyuu and Yuri on Ice take a nice realistic turn and the mc's DO lose sometimes and ofc I am sad because i have seen them work so hard but I just find it much better plot wise.


The art was beautiful.  The characters designs and colour palettes.  The scenery (especially the starry night).  10/10.  No complaints for this movie.


The Free! soundtrack is always amazing but I didn't hear any notable music and such in this movie specifically so I won't rate it as high.  


Haru: Same monotone expression and i LOVE Him for that.  Has an adorable obsession for Mackerals which i found to be a funny detail.  Swimming prodigy ofc.  

Makoto: My favourite boi.  Sweet and caring.  Cares for Haru so much, I love their friendship.  Played an amzing role in the drama that was in the movie.  

Asashi: I love him and I cried at the end.  When I started watching another Free! series, I started crying when I saw him.  I just missed him.  Love how he overcomes his lack of confidence.  

Ikuyu: Adorable cinnamon roll.  His voice when he was younger in a flashback got me crying, it was so cute.  Love this boy and his problems.  I am very glad how they helped Ikuyu. 

All characters, not just the main four, underwent such amazing development.  And we got to see Rei and Nagisa when they were younger so I am very satisfied.


Movie is definately worth watching if you enjoy Free!

Even if you don't watch Free!, it is an amazing way to get into the Free! animes.  

Personally, I feel that you should watch Itwaboi swim club and Free! eternal summer before this so it would really give you a 120% impact.

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
7.6/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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