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The story

If we don't look at how amazingly well executed it was and just focus on the idea and actual plot, you will find how unique it is.  It's not everyday you find an anime like this one.  One of the reasons why i really loved this anime was because itt had one of my favourite themes in it: best friends who slowly drifted apart due to a situation that wasn't anyone's fault.  Of course, you could argue how it was his or her fault but the story itself doesn't really blame anyone that much.  The super peace busters were presented so that the audience could see how happy and golden their childhoods were like.  Not to mention, we see the character's lives as they grow up. I love what Menma's wish was actually in the end and i thought that was so appropriate to the themes like friendship and loss.  The execution itself was amazing.  I think the story perfectly ties in with the character's emotions and whatnot.

The animation

The backgrounds were really beautiful and i loved how that whenever the characters think back to Menma's death, we don't actually see her body but her shoe instead.  That actually took more effect on me than if they just showed her dead body.  The characters themselves were really beautifully drawn.  I didn't find any flaw with the art but The MC's (Jinta) hair bothered me a bit.  Apart from that, I loved the art.  The eyes were so beautiful, espacially at the last scene.


I hardly ever pay attention to the anime's music but this anime used the music so well.  Especially for the ending scene, the song kicks in at exactly the right time. The song lyrics itself were definatley related to the anime and i cried even harder because i'm a sucker for music that sounds happy but if you listen to it at the right time, it will tug some heartstrings. I cannot fully emphasize the perfect use of the sound for this anime an dyou won't really understand unless you go watch it for yourself!


I love these charcters so much.  I love how realistic they are.  Especially at the end when they admitted they wanted Menma to go to heaven because of their selfish wishes and not actually because it was her wish.  Another thing i liked is that, you can see Jinta (MC) hasn't healed from the trauma of Menma's death but what i really loved is that none of the characters had either but they hide it so well. 

We don't even realise Poppo's trauma until the end, he was presented as an up beat guy and i didn't think twice about how he felt until the moment he confessed he was not okay. 

How Yukiastu deals with it also suprised me alot, LIKE ALOT ALOT.  But i still like him and although i do find it weird, i wouldn't change a thing about how he deals with it. 

Tsurumi and Anaru.  I feel so bad for them both.  Unrequited love is horrile, especially if you are close to that someone but he never notices you bc you are always outshined T-T. 

I love that Tsurumi hides her feelings so well and i cri at the end when Yukiastu gave her Poki. 

Anaru, she tries so hard and she even tells us that she hates Menma because of this.  I think that was an extremly well thought out scene.  I mean yeah, Menma is back from the dead(ish) we should all love her, right?  I think Anaru's hate and envy for Menma is so REALISTIc.  A paper thin character would love Menma straigtht away, forgetting any resenment towards her but all these characters are really complex and such.

Another thing i would like to mention is how Menma's famly dealt with the loss.  I can see how really well thought out it was.  Menma's mother was, at first, presented as the only one who cares for Menma so when she doesn't give permission for the kids to make fireworks in honour of Menma, the audience, or me at least, was really shocked.  She blamed the kids for the death of Menma and didn't really move on.  Because of that, menma's younger brother is living a life without a proper mother figure.  She is so held back from the grief of losing one child, she forgot about the other.  


The anime was executed so well and I have actually watched the last scene many times in a video called 'Saddest anim scenes' or something.  I thought i was prepared for it since i already knew what would happen but i was wrong.  By the time the song came in, i was bawling my eyes out.  I definately reccommend this to any lost otakus out there.  You will not regret watching this.  In fact, you will regret not watching it sooner.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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