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AnimePixel Mar 23, 2020

I do have to say that I agree with you and I was very frustrated too when I found out that not only did the Seme's actions ruined the Uke's life, but he also didn't clear up the misunderstanding with the teacher or even apologized right away. To also answer your question, yes he did eventually apologize to the Uke and yes the Uke decided to forgive him. There was this one event in the manga where one of the teachers found overheard the seme saying to the Uke that he was sorry that he had set him up in the nurse's office in the beginning. Then the teacher approached them asking what they were talking about and if it was true that the seme set it all up to look like the Uke was "molesting" him. Before the seme could respond, the Uke responded for him saying that he did do it and he was not set up. I was really surprised that the Uke helped the seme out. So no, the teachers still think that the Uke did that, but it didn't bother the Uke anymore as it did before. The Uke also quit the archery club because he found out that he didn't have any passion for it, so it wasn't the seme's fault that he decided to finally quit.

Thankfully there is no rape in the manga, just a lot of misunderstandings and dealing with feelings and the past. 

I did realize after my first response that we did have some animes in common and that my response to your review did sound like I was very angry, but to be honest, I do agree that the Seme could have handled things way differently. The past definitely does not justify anything, it does not make things right, nor did I think it does, but it does greatly influence his actions in the present. I'm just saying that he does these things cause he doesn't know better not that what he does is alright because of his past. 

He changes a lot in the end. He faces his past head-on instead of knocking himself out with a flower pot again and he stood up to his aunt. He tries to fix the relationship he has with the Uke, though I wish the author also have him fix the misunderstanding from the first chapter cause I think the author may have forgotten about it towards the end. 

To be honest, I think the only reason why people ship them because they are the main ships, personally I was ok with this ship, though I wasn't 100% for it. I feel that it could be better and that it could be worse, but there isn't anyone else that we know enough to be better shipped.

sothis Mar 14, 2020

Hi there, I've been removing quite a bit of dialogue from the Bakugo page. Please take a look at the page for our official statement, but in general, please try to avoiding re-posting on these pages, and please report comments that you think violate the Code of Conduct. This page will be monitored closely and discussions generally removed because of the past drama in there. 

hqmoonie Mar 1, 2020

(read ur comment on my bio! :3)

ahh hellO fellow kiribaku shipper! i secretly spent all night yesterday watching how possible kiribaku will become canon and i've learnt some more facts !!! :0

1. the va of bakugou said that the only person that's fit for bakugou is kirishima (aHHH)

2. in the movie two heroes it is never shown that bakugou is refusing to wear the suit, and he also weARS A FRIGGING TIE FROM KIRISHIMA AND HE HATES TIES,, WHAATT

3. kinda obvious but kirishima also blushes at bakugou hnn,,,

4. bakugou gives kirishima his coat and izuku thought he gave it to a passing girl,,, but nO kirishima was cold so he gave him his coat uwu (yEs i didn't believe it at first but it's actually canoN)

5. also is horikoshi purposely only making kirishima get close to him? is this a sign that it will actually be canon? hmm...

      –and there's so so SO much more, i so hope that it becomes canon bc they're so cute ajdkgfsihakjdh

ahh also yh! i think bakudeku has cute fanarts! but most of them portray deku as being dominant and sassy and thats just.... that's just not deku haha. i personally feel like their personalities will clash, bakugou will always be yelling at deku, and deku will just let it go. that's what i feel like will happen. if i'd ship deku with anyone then maybe uraraka or todoroki..... hmmm

hqmoonie Feb 8, 2020

Ahh! Yes! I think he's so amazing and his character development is just *chef's kiss*. I personally don't understand how so many people could hate this character, I mean, LOOK!

I'm also a strong shipper of Kiribaku, they have the most chemistry after all.  E.g. them together in the MHA movie and when Bakugo grabs Kirishima's hand to escape, those scenes made my hairs stand on an end!! There is a ship that I don't understand why people like, (please don't come at me anyone) and the ship is Bakudeku. I feel like that ship is really abusive, I just see them as 'friendly' rivals and not a ship y'know? But if any of you guys ship it, that's okay! (i guess...)

That's everything I feel like I'm rambling again,,

LilyanimeLover4 Nov 28, 2019

Woman I like your style!!! my name is lily and to be honest You have great taste in anime !!!