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IMBOB Apr 2, 2013

Hemm.. I see what you mean. I am someone who normally relaxes while reading a book before sleep so manga is a more obvious choice for me.

For me anything thats not marked as "Want to Watch" or "Want to read" is considered the same as "Wont Watch" untill I get some time to check it out and see if I really do want to watch it. If you ever get into the reading of manga and have an Android smart phone there is a good app for it called mango. (not on app store) Makes reading manga on your phone very easy.

IMBOB Apr 1, 2013

Loving the Reviews keep them up. Was thinking of getting into it myself but feel i'm not articualte enough to get my points across well. Using what you have rated as good I have picked out a few more anime's to add to my "Want to Watch list" Thanks for that ^_^

What about Manga's tho. I see you have Rated none and have marked more as "Wont read" than you have actually read. From my experiance the manga is almost always better than the anime you should try more of them.

PorcupineHead Aug 20, 2012

Well, how many languages do you speak?

I know Slovak, Czech, English and I'm learning Russian.

And I agree, most debates don't lead anywhere, andd they're not fun anymore

PorcupineHead Aug 19, 2012

A profile bio starting with "Im atheist" (Grammar and spelling aren't obviously your strong points).

Oh man, you're just shouting to be debated, unfortunately, I'm not in the mood.

ThatAnimeSnob Jun 9, 2012

Your feed looks weird. It shows you dropped School rumble at 4, then that you watched up to 4, then that you watched up to 2...