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I'm an elite NEET and fujoshi princess. I'm also really old. I love romance, comedy, slice of life, fantasy, thriller/horror. I'm a particular afficianado of reverse harems. I'm always looking for a good romcom or slice of life. Know of one? Do tell.

I love Yuri on Ice. It's my favorite. Other loves: Ouran High School, Story of Saiunkoku, Aggretsuko, Heaven Official's Blessing, Kamisama Kiss

I love reading historical romance manhuas, BL and straight. If you have the same interests, I would like to hear from you!

These are my danmei recs and reading lists on novel updates: Male Empresses and Concubines and Imperial China

I also have some pics from a few of my favorite series below.




The Emperor and the Knightess


Your Majesty, Please Calm Down


Secret Nights in the Inner Palace

Secret Nights in the Inner Palace (BL)



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ilyanime Aug 2, 2023

Hello hello im very sorry for replying to your comment so late :(( First of all, how are you? Are you doing well?? Im about to start college soon so this whole time I’ve been preparing for that and packing up for my dorm. It’s been a while since I was able to watch anime and/or read some manga haha. I managed to squeeze in some free time so now Im just binging on a bunch of stuff I was excited to watch such as the seasonals and the anime that I’ve been meaning to catch up on. 

LOL thanks for the recs!! I’ll check them out soon :0 I saw kimi ni todoke already and at first I tried to avoid it because I thought it was really cliche and cringy (based on the scenes that I’ve seen) buut the male lead was so cute and sweet that I ended up watching it and liking it lol lol. I’ve been waiting to watch Boys over flowers tho im not sure whether I should watch the drama or the anime haha.

Oh gosh that bear sounds….interesting. Everytime someone tells me an interesting storyline I always asked myself where the heck do they find these things lol lol. Is this the side effects of surfing the web for too long?? Lol lol

Anything that you find fun/interesting so far? Nothing much on my end except finishing Oshi no ko (didn’t know that it was only 11 episodes and wondering why it wasn’t updating no more :(() and it was pretty good. Have you watched it yet??

I went out of the country for a month and US weather made me so grateful cause like over there was hot hot and I couldn’t step out of the house without a fan or AC :0 All I did over there was eat food and sleep…and drinking avocado smoothies LOL. No wonder I gained like 5 pounds over there :(( time to exercise now 😢

WAIT YOU GOT MARRIED?? OMG CONGRATS!! Any plans for the honeymoon? Far away trip?? Oh gosh Im so happy for you :))

I ended up not wanting to be a nurse anymore (very competitive and risky) so now Im just gonna go to college, get my degree and then go to a certification program for my clinical lab stuff :p Adulting is sad.

Anyways I hope you are doing well and have a good day/night!! I’ll try my best to watch one of my recs before I reply to you again haha. Take care!

MadamOtaku Jul 19, 2023

Congrats on getting hitched! 

StarPink May 24, 2023

It's okay, I'm not logged in all the time either. Thanks for following me back. Have a great day/night!!!

ilyanime Apr 19, 2023

Hi hi even though you replied back to me in such a fast time…I cant say the same for myself :’) My break ended and im back in school again :’) I didn’t really do much for Easter except maybe catch up on the animes that I missed…heck I dont think I celebrated Easter in such a long time. Did you do anything fun?

Oooh seems like everytime you talk about your fiance, he never seems to be home LOL. I never had a pet :’) It seems like no one wants to be a parent anymore lol lol. I wanted to be one but I saw the after effects of birth and I was like yeah no.

Oh yeah Ive listened to it but I only like his title track Like Crazy lol lol. Oooh I never heard of their collab yet :0 its been a while since Ive kept up with BTS haha. I dont listen much of Pharrell. Any recs?

Bro Im stuck on volume 13 and it seems like a certain someone has been hogging vol 14 for like 2 months now -_- I just saw like volume 40 something in the new section of the library and that made me realize how behind behind I am LOL. I miss watching anime like that and tried finding another anime thats somewhat similar to that but I can’t find any :’) do you have any recs for that? I recently finished the idol show anime and it was pretty good :)) i highly suggest you check it out! Oh and dont let the length of the episode intimidate you lol lol

Oh gosh…tbh I lowkey still dont know how all of those work….so Im going to have to do some research LOL. I stumbled upon a Tiktok video of this girl and color matching and it seems such a difficult process.

Ooooh I never heard of Cociane Bear before. Show? Drama? Movie? Once you watched it, let me know what you thought of it!

Ofc ofc :)) hope you’re doing well and have a good day/night! Hopefully I can reply back faster lol lol

Ash351 Apr 16, 2023

Hi! Tysm for the recommendations, I'll keep them in mind :)

Yes, I do have some favorites too! A few historical reincarnations that I really enjoy are: - I am the real one   -  I'm the queen in this life   - Crowning the spoiled prince   - For my derelict love   - The villaness is a marionnette. 

I also enjoy a lot of other genres, but I only told you these ones since they're more in you're interest. :) 

Did you read any of these? If so, what's your opinion about them?

Have a good day/end of day (o^▽^o)