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Detroit Metal City

Feb 23, 2010


a guy who wants to play pop... ended up in a metal band...

the main character is a fairly spineless individual who refuses to stick up for himself until he becomes his alter Ego Krauser 2

lots of crude and offensive humor in the show can be found... so much in fact that i had to take this show in moderate steps... watching an episode of so every few days... and one of my personal favorite things in the show, lots of fruity dance moves to accustic songs that my friends and i found essential to pick up in our "lets impress the ladies" dance rutine when we crash various parties that we were not exactly invited to... ("dude, its time to do the Tetrapod melon tea")


i can't put any complaints here, its a comedy anime that seems to try little... thus little is needed... but occasionally fantastic artwork and animation will happen... mainly durring concerts, music videos, and the like


i'm an extreme metal fan myself... and an elietist prick at that... i felt the vocals in the music for the sake of the music were lacking... but they intended the lyrics to be comprehendable by people who can't understand typical death metal vocals...

amai koibito is one extremely important song (dont worry for all you metal haters, this song isn't metal)

the voice acting was great, as it is in most comedy anime that actually deliver the lulz


this is a comedy... and the characters were built to clash so well...


this is a comedy... and it was done well, easy to understand, with diverse humor...

one could say Dethklok + Beck + Cromartie = DMC

this show is crude and offensive... so, its not for everyone...

this show is comedy... so, its not for everyone...

this show is metal themed... so, its not for everyone...

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
10/10 overall

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