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\(^o^)/ Hello and welcome to my bio \(^o^)/



I've been watching anime since I was in 3rd grade. Unlike many people, the anime that got me I guess hooked? was not necessarily considered "mainstream". Or at least, not that I know of.

None of my family members really watch anime but I somehow stumbled upon a series in my aunt's movie collection and saw a DVD anime that she bought in Japan when she used to live there. She let me borrow it and BAM got addicted. (DON'T DO DRUGS KIDS)

If you guys were wondering what it was, it's a romcom called Kare Kano. It's not the greatest anime out there but little 3rd grade me apparently thought it was haha I haven't rewatched it so idk if I'd still think the same but you guys should check it out if you're interested :P

At the time, I really didn't know what anime was until I got into Bleach. But since then, I haven't stopped watching. And seeing my freakishly long list of what I watched so far, I've actually calmed down after getting into college. These days, I find myself reading more manga/manhwa though.

But I still very much love watching anime and reading manga so if you guys have any recs for me that'll me greatly appreciated. :) And of course vise versa

Favorite Anime (in no particular order)


                             Sakamichi no Apollon     Nodame Cantabile Series            Barakamon                       xxxHOLIC Rou           


                                                                             No Game No Life          Youjo Senki               A Silent Voice


Favorite Manga/Manhwa (in no particular order)

                                                    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso                                          

                                  Akatsuki no Yona             Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso             Black Haze                             Nukoduke!            


                                         Tensei Shitara Slime Datte Ken          Mahou Tsukai no Yome                         Skip Beat!                  


                                                         Tamen De Gushi                              I Love Yoo                                Oresama Teacher



Favorite Male Characters


Aomine Daiki




Son Hak


Sakuragi Rokurouta




Aizawa Shouta








Favorite Female Characters

Celty Sturluson






Mogami Kyoko


Sun Jing


Kurosaki Mafuyu

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Kittyna May 14, 2019

Thank you for follow back! C:

Fanboyy May 13, 2019

Thanks! :)

Amirith Apr 20, 2019

Hi! :> 

Thank you for follow back! :3

Hatorii Apr 2, 2019

That sounds amazing, i would be honored if you took some of my ideas honestly, and it was pretty amazing so i want you to have the best experience possible, how long do you plan on staying in Japan? So bascially i started by spending the first 4 nights in Akihabara, then we just kinda went around tokyo city, Akihabara is very close to tokyo station so everything was accessible. I stayed in a place called Grids Akahibara which is a hostel that has sleeping pods, it saves you SO MUCH money so i highly recommend for convenience and cost effectiveness, its actually quite nice and since we spend most of our time outside theres no need to get a room. The hostel is about a 14 minute walk from akihabara station. We bascially explored akihabara for 2 days in akibara and one day trip to kyoto, we took the bullet train and it is pretty amazing, there we went to the bamboo forrest and just walked around the city for a bit, then had ramen which is very popular in kyoto, kyoto station has this amazing ramen place where its made up of many ramen stores and you chose one to your liking. Then after we spend the 4th day traveling to hokkaido via train, mixed of bullet and conventional, we ended up in furano which is at the heart of hokkaido, took 12 hours but its nice seeing the entire of japan by train. We skied in furano basically, we came back to spend the last day and night in akihabara and then flew back to thailand. If you would like, maybe we can add each other one something? and then i can answer any questions and tell you more detailed stories, there are too many lol, japan is really that great.

yay almost grad for you, is it around july then?

and thank you for the warm welcome back! :D

Hatorii Mar 13, 2019

heya! its been a while, i had to take a break to deal with some internal problems, but its been better so I got back into watching tons of anime. My physics went okay, my paper on astrophysics pretty much carried my grade but wh whatever it was adequate enough loll, math was a let down sadly, my overall grade for it didnt improve but thats how it goes sadly. I went to japan in Jan and without a doubt it was the best trip i've had in my life, just my good friend and I going whereever we want for 9 days there, theres so much I did so let me know if you want to know more about it!

Life and Uni treating you well enough?

Im so sorry again for just leaving for so long without saying anything, but im glad to be back