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The two main things that bring this anime down is the plot and character development 

  • Assassination Classroom is an excellent example of an interesting concept with terrible execution 
  • They have so many characters and not enough episodes or logic to develop each one fully
  • It seems like a new fucking classmate pops up every couple of episodes yet they were there from the beginning 
  • Each person does not progress; their abilities are handed to them for the sake of plot
  • The plotline is a plot hole lot of issues. 19 episodes in and I can barely remember anything from the first 18
  • Just give the most screen time to the ”I'm different and better than everyone else” characters, that seems like a terrific idea said the producers
  • Mo money, no problems
  • In this show, you learn to better oneself with the mastery of montages and gladiator metaphors
  • It says this is a parody, but I do not see any signs of it being a good one
  • Take Assassination out of the title that is not what this is about

Lastly, for what this subpar series is worth, this should have only lasted 24 episodes (in total) or less.

I might never find out the ending to Classroom. Then again, I am glad I did not stick around to see this drag on for another 20 episodes 

5/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall

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