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I enjoy all things geek, with a sharp lean towards the orient/otaku nature of geekiness.

Videogames ✓
Anime ✓
Manga ✓
Cosplay ✓
Lolita ✓
Crazy Hair Colors ✓ (it's been blue, pink, purple, green, everything in between lol)
Asian Balljointed Dolls (like the one in my profile image) ✓
Kdramas ✓
Kpop / Jpop ✓
Visual Novels / Dating Sims ✓
Plushies, Bentos, Stickers, and all things "Kawaii" ✓

My current favorite manga is "Orange" by Ichigo Takano. It's about a young teen whom commits suicide because he feels he does not deserve to be happy, and 10 years in the future, all of his friends, "travel back in time" (sort of) by writing notes to their younger selves detailing the events in the year leading up to the suicide and how they best think their former selves should approach each day and what they should do differently. However as they begin to change things in the past, they also change their futures and the lives of everyone around them, including their own friendships.

My "all-time" favorite Manga is Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase. She is also very well known for her Fushigi Yuugi series. Absolute Boyfriend is about a highschool girl who has never had a boyfriend and faces constant rejection. She somehow gets caught up into accidentally purchasing a robot (of an adult nature) that is designed for adult relationships. But he begins to develop his own emotions and free will and the two begin to fall in love. Also along the way, her long time childhood friend and nextdoor neighbor realizes he has also fallen in love with her, so it becomes a love triangle situation. It's very good and thought provoking, brings to light the social issues that having a robot significant other may cause such as you will continue to age, but the robot can't age. You will grow old and die, but the robot will live on forever. You also can never have kids. Imagine if everyone wanted a robot lover, then humans would become extinct. Still it's very touching. very similar to the much more well known, Chobits, but with roles reversed (a female human and male computer instead of a male human and female persocom).

I also really loved both the Taiwanese and Japanese live action dramas based on Absolute Boyfriend and am anxiously awaiting the korean version which was announced last summer.

My favorite manga, anime, and kdrama tend to be "shoujo" in nature with a focus on slice of life and everyday relationships.

My top 5 anime:

Peach Girl
Aishiteruze Baby
Tegami Bachi
My Little Monster

My Top 5 Manga:

Absolute Boyfriend
GuruGuru Ponchan

And of course all the manga adaptations to the anime I've listed above. 

My Top 5 Kdrama:

Marriage Not Dating
90 Days Time To Love
Cinderella Man
Fated To Love You
I Can Hear Your Voice

I also really like Angel Eyes, My Love From Another Star, Someone Like You, White Christmas, and Golden Rainbow

My Top 5 Videogames:

Lunar (Eternal Blue and Silver Star and all of their remakes)
Persona (Especially 3 and 4)
Chrono Trigger

Looking forward to chatting with you all and making new friends!

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