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AimiHimura Oct 19, 2017

Thanks a bunch! I'm alright! Your avatar is Roromiya Karuta from Inu x Boku SS, I presume? Is it any good?

AimiHimura Oct 18, 2017

 Hello! I'm new to this site and I'm not really familiar with how it works yet, so I thought I'd make a friend. You seem like you would know more than I do, lol. How are you? 

sugarystars Aug 18, 2017

fbsicjwid immsomsorry to hear that ; ^ ; i know what you mean though whenever i have a panic attack from just being in public i end up wanting to cry and kill myself which is why i just prefer to stay indoors now. it's not your fault you were acting that way because i'm the same way?? being in crowds is one of the worst things because well like you said i also get really anxious when someone looks at me or even stands behind me but i don't get fidgety but the one of the last times i was at the store with my mom this man was behind me and making me anxious and imma hand started shaking due to me being anxious and such. 

that's so terrible!! but coffee just does different things for everyone can be good, bad, or nothing at all. but maybe that girl just enjoyed drinking her coffee?? that's literally how i live! mostly off soda and sometimes juice but i throw in a bottle of water every once in awhile lmao

thank you for that!! i try not to bother others with my personal issues since i know everyone has their own personal problems as well and would rather focus on their own before anyone else's. yeah that guy got so heated just because i didn't reply to him within 24 hours like he's been like that since i first met him on here which was only back in july of this year and he spammed me with different comments or deleted old comments that i haven't replied to yet and it got annoying cause i couldn't even take a day to recharge myself from socializing without him spamming me on here. exactly! sadly he doesn't understand that yet he says things like yeah i know you don't always feel social but when that happens he expects me to reply to him 24/7??? like he isn't patient at all and i don't recommend being his friend cause he probably will do the same thing to you and anyone else. preach this because if you don't want to reply then you don't have too it's not like we owe anything to anyone and if we don't feel comfortable replying then we don't have too. im the same! it irks me when people think that we should reply 24/7 to them and make our lives revolve around them. Okay...that doesn't make someone special like why would you think that would make you special?! that's a sad thing that happened to her but it sure doesn't make her special in anyway. exactly anyone else who has gone through the same thing wouldn't find it special or make them feel special cause that's just traumatizing to go through. she thinks she's the only one in the world who was born with a mental illness?? yet there are tons of others who also were born with a mental illness?? why would she think being born with a mental illness would make her special?? anyone that's born with a mental illness or illnesses wouldn't want to live with them because i sure wish i didn't have my mental illnesses. i hope you're able to get the disability check! i wish i could get one too and support myself but i doubt they'd give me one unless i do something really dramatic. you weren't being a heartless insensitive asshole you were just telling the truth because she's over here thinking she's all and mighty just cause she got r*ped and was born with a mental illness both are things you shouldn't go around bragging about and feel "special" about. besides your doing a better job at making friends  than she is i mean at least you aren't sitting there boasting about how you got r*ped and were born with a mental illness so you're special and nobody else is, she just sat there making herself look like a fool. oh my god are you serious?! so she started something else with someone else over something stupid about opinions should be facts to be valid?! that's so stupid! opinions don't always need facts to be valid so idk what that girls doing with her life other than arguing with people on the internet over stupid things.. smh. all shoujo's are comedy?? no??? that's just stupid omg i'm glad you told her off and blocked her cause she deserves it and now you won't have to waste your time putting up with her stupidity anymore lolol honestly i wish i told that guy off but i guess i was paranoid of having my account banned/deleted on here because i know on certain sites the admin/owners will personally ban you or delete your account and i didn't want mine banned or anything so i just blocked him...now i regret not speaking up for myself.

mp100 wasn't what i thought it'd be! like it was recommended to me from someone else on this site and it was a recommendation because i loved tokyo ghoul so i figured it'd be similar to tg but i was wrong! i won't spoil anything for you!! bnha is actually really good and has a lot of good characters! i was a bit skeptical at first though with the first season cause i was like "i hope i don't drop this" but it gets better in season 2!! Love Live is one of my fav animes honestly ! i didn't think it'd be one of my favs since it's just a music anime but i ended up loving it! I love Kotori and Nozomi!! Nico is best girl for me and i think Eli might be my runner up! Sunshine was good ! they're making a second season of Sunshine in the fall ! Ruby is best girl from sunshine but i may be getting a runner up from sunshine as well but im gonna rewatch love live season 2 and sunshine but i'm currently taking recommendations to watch other animes and i don't mind any genre! tell me how the love live movie is once you watch it because i haven't seen the movie yet ;; i've never hear s of that anime but it sounds good to me!! i may have to check it out one day honestly! maybe they'll make a second season or something with more information!

ZeroGreninja Aug 16, 2017

Hey there! Thanks for following back! I appreciate it! Hope we can be friends!

Evilica Aug 14, 2017

hello....hows you.