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kittua Dec 16, 2017

helloo! thanks for following back!

i hope we can get along :-)

sugarystars Nov 14, 2017

it's completly okay! i hope you've been alright!

I have been stressed, depressed, and such but i am okay for the time being !

how have you been?

also i apologize for this late reply

life has been a bit hectic lately ; ^ ;

AimiHimura Oct 21, 2017

It has been alright, thanks! And yours?

It's good that you're carefree like that :) me too. 

AimiHimura Oct 21, 2017

I see, that makes sense :) I tell anyone. Most of my close friends are mentally ill and I've been institutionalized before, so you don't have to worry about me judging you or anything. 

AimiHimura Oct 20, 2017

No problem :) I know some people really dislike talking about it. I'm okay. I'm on medicine and I have therapy sessions once a week.