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Kitania Jan 4, 2018

It was a bit more hectic than I planned but still nice (⌒▽⌒)

Kitania Dec 28, 2017

You're welcome :)

Did you have a good holiday?

sugarystars Dec 25, 2017

i'm so sorry i haven't replied in such a long time. but thank you for your kind words! they mean a lot to me!! life hasn't eased up sadly ; ;

i'm so sorry to hear that. you just turned 20?? i actually understand that because i felt the same exact same way when i turned 20 which was last year. but i know you'll be able to find a job and such and make your life better!! i know it might be hard to think that but you'll get there!! even if you have to be a shut in for awhile longer you'll get there!! i believe in you!! also happy late birthday!!

happy holidays to you too!! i hope you have a wonderful christmas if you celebrate it! i also enjoy talking and hearing from you as well!! please don't force yourself to reply if you don't want too! reply at your own pace okay?

Kitania Dec 23, 2017

You're welcome ^_^

It is going good so far.

How are you?

Kitania Dec 21, 2017

Hello, (⌒ω⌒)ノ 

Thank you for following!

I followed back.