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aryancoconut Jul 4, 2018

Just thought I’d say I really enjoyed your reviews, and totally agree with nearly everything you’ve written on this site aha. And I love your username!! Out of curiosity, is it based off of the vocaloid song “Electric Angel”?

xkuhaku Jun 28, 2018

Yes! I would love to talk to you more as well!! Sorry for being MIA for a month. Just had personal things that came up. Surprisingy the exams went pretty well, so I guess my studying payed off ^^

Oh! you dont go to school? If you mind me asking, do you work then?

Okie~ Nice to meet you Star!! My name's Sabrina, most of my friends call be Sabs for short. But you can call me whatever you like :)

xkuhaku Jun 5, 2018

Hello and thanks for the follow, followed back! Ayyy we're the same age!! Look foward to talking to yah more often ^^

If you ever need anything just shoot me a message. I might reply later than I want to bc finals are creeping in and HAHA! Let's just say I'm working hard on trying to work hard on getting my ass to study :D But other than that, feel free to drop a greeting or what not and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can :)

frankstleBilly May 31, 2018

Hiya! Thanks very much for the follow! ^^

How're you doing?

sugarystars Jan 29, 2018

Ahhh but I honestly feel so bad when I reply so late ; ; I don't want you thinking I'm ignoring/avoiding you because I'm not

I completely understand what you mean by that I don't think a job is do able for myself as well. my mental health has only gotten worse and my outburst and getting more worse each time. I recently had a breakdown + a outburst just last week and it was bad. I really do hope you've gotten a chance to go to your appointment! 

You're welcome! I hope your birthday was good !!

Thank you sweetie ; n ; mu Christmas was okay!! I hope yours was wonderful!!~ I do hope 2018 is a better year for the both of us as well!