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MonsterDream Feb 3, 2019

Oh. I see...  Well the same can be said about me, I suppose.  So that's one thing we have in common aside of anime.  

Thanks for the link! 

xkuhaku Feb 3, 2019

Haha no worries!! Thanks for getting back to me tho~

I'm sorry to hear you were having a tough time D: I hope you're doing a lot better now! I watched the youtube video that you sent me and wow have I learned a lot from it! Thanks for sharing ^^

And yah, I've started my regular classes for winter quarter. Just one more quarter and I graduate!! woot woot~~ (but my parents want me to go back to school again for my masters and credentials >.> rip) And again, no worries with the replies so you dont have to feel sorry nor pressured one bit :) If anything, I hope you get better soon and if you ever just wanna talk just shoot me a message~ It can be about anything or totally random LOOL

Happy New Years to you too <3 And I've been doing well~ Busy but well :) I've actually just recently joined a club so I've been balancing that with my school schedule and studying. Idk how people do this while they work too.. so stressful.. I've actually havent been watching much anime lately because of that as well. So hopefully once my exams are done I can finally relax.

MonsterDream Feb 2, 2019

Hey no problem.  I'm always happy to meet new friends.  I hope that's what we'll become.

I love your avatar picture.  It's cute. Did you draw it yourself?  

MonsterDream Feb 1, 2019

Hi there! 

Thank you for following me. I'm now following you back. :3 

Ellogegamer Jan 26, 2019

Sure, I can give you some recommendations. I can just name a few titles now. If you want, tell me what you seek later and I could make better suggestions based on that.

According to your ratings, you really liked some anime that I also liked, and gave five stars to Erased, Flip Flappers, Corpse Party (I didn't like this one as much as you), and Hihurashi. I guess you like horror. But you also said you won't watch Attack on Titan. Why don't you try Tokyo Ghoul and Seraph of the end? They aren't my favorites, but I enjoyed them. Another is one of my references to what I like in horror anime. Psycho-Pass and Parasyte were very good too.

Others that you haven't watched and could try are Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, a favorite among anime lovers, Relife and Orange that deal with time travel kinda like Erased or Steins Gate, but are different. And if you want a relaxing and lively show, you could try K-On! especially if you liked Love Live!

That's it for now I guess. See you later, Star *