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lindapearl Aug 14, 2017

Are you watching any interesting anime

Sianeka Aug 14, 2017

GrotesqueDoll says...  I copy and paste all the time because on mobile when I reply to people who write long comments I usually keep two tabs open and switch between them so I don't forget what the person said. I used to have a laptop, I still do but one day when I was watching anime on it, i'm not sure which show but I accidentally spilled my ramen noodles on it so now a few keys on it don't work and I don't really wanna use the annoying onscreen keyboard to type everything out. It's worse than typing stuff out using my xbox controller. 

LOL - *sad laughter*  You are right - laptop keyboards don't appreciate ramen noodle spills and often don't work right once they've been wet.  I spilled some ramen on a wireless keyboard of mine, and even after it dried, it never worked well ever after, which meant I had to get a new keyboard for my pc.  One can't switch out as easily for a laptop as for a PC...

I don't use mobile myself much, but I'd imagine PC and laptop to be easier to communicate.  Except, of course, if the keyboard is no longer working properly on the laptop...

GrotesqueDoll says...  AWW OK LOL Speaking of gassing up the anime, season two will be fucking amazing, the arc they're going to animate is one of the best in the series (my opinion) and a lot of character devlopement will happen as well as amazing action scenes, assuming that it's going to be done right. I'm so excited for it. I always get so worried whenever talking about anime with other anime fans, a majority of the ones i've met are usually... idk what the word i'm looking for is or how to explain it but it's hard for me to get along with most. Like just the other day I got into an argument with another user (i've since blocked them) and it didn't end well, we strayed away from the original topic and got really personal. I don't want to go into much detail about it so that's all I'll say about it, but I like you and seem to get along great with you so I'm happy about that. 

I look forward to seeing Nanatsu.  And you don't need to worry about getting into some sort of fan fight with me.  I don't generally fanatically obsess over an anime, and I respect that folks can have significantly different opinions on shows than I have.  I actually like hearing other people's viewpoints, and if they differ from mine, it is interesting to hear their thoughts to compare to what I think. *grin*  I never think that it is right to call a person names or say bad things to them because they shared an opinion that is not the same as my own.  Arguments should be discussion and counter-discussion and not get nasty or personal.

So, I hope you will not hesitate to share your thoughts with me, even if you know in advance I won't necessarily agree.  If I tell you, for instance, that I feel that watching Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a complete waste of time, I will not discourage your thoughts on how it is brilliant comedy and satire, or something.  (Obviously, some opinion to which I do not subscribe.)

No fear of nastiness back at you from me.  Although, you might not agree with my rebuttal comments where I defend my original opinion.

GrotesqueDoll says...  /mumbles back at you Yes you absolutely have to his power level is at 2000 and over so watch out, just kidding lmao actually its much lower than that but everyone lets him think he's powerful and strong but it's okay, he's always trying his best to protect his friends. 

*laughing at Doll's mumbles back at me*  I want to see Hawk, meet him thru anime! *smile*

lindapearl Aug 13, 2017

It's going well. Probably not more exciting

lindapearl Aug 13, 2017

Indeed. That what makes getting to know people so interesting

sugarystars Aug 12, 2017

People can be quite rude and ruthless and see neets/shut ins bad but honestly we aren't hurting anyone and it's not our faults we live like this. I can understand about your mental illness and such cause I have mental illnesses myself and don't feel bad for dropping out i actually dropped out like 3 times. the first time i was forced to go to another school cause I was only 15/16 and it was my Sophomore year in high school and they wouldn't let me just drop out. the second time was over some stupid drama...that i tried transferring to night classes at the charter school i had to transfer too but my grandma wouldn't let my mom pick me up from school that late since we had to use her car to get back and forth with and the third time my mental health got worse and I couldn't handle being around people anymore. I still can't be around a ton of people so I panic whenever i'm in grocery stores with my mom.

Thats completly understandable ! Coffee does different things to everyone for me I guess it doesn't do anything?? I mean I'm sure its cause I'm so used to caffine cause all I drink is soda and have been since i was a kid and i can't let soda go. I'm the same as you except I need a soda of a day or I just die lmao. I'm glad your sleep schedule is getting back to normal!! do you not like staying up at night??

It's not your fault!! But thank you so much :(( that actually means a lot to me!! I guess you probably saw those comments from that one guy whos user started with a " z " on my page like a week ago??? He was part of my stress cause I literally couldn't even go a day on here without not replying or he'd spam me with more comments..not that i have any issues with people doing that but sometimes I reply slow/late cause i get burnt out from socializing a lot but this guy also started bashing on kpop idols and saying things like I worship them/compare myself to them and it makes me depressed?? like no i don't?? there is a fine line between worshipping and being passionate about something. But he also accused me of lying just because I didn't reply to him last weekend because my wifi wasn't working due to a bad router and so I was acused of being fake and lying?? and he also unfollowed me and got heated cause I unfollowed him yet he unfollowed me?? but he gave me some excuse cause he said he was done making friends and all and i just finally blocked him because i got tired of dealing with his stressful self. on top of that I have some more people like him that are trying to get in contact with me and it's not helping me much better :( I apologize for throwing all this at you but if you ever wanna vent/rant you can talk to me !! ^^

Honestly I've just been watching Mob Psycho 100, Boku no Hero Academia season 2, and rewatching Love Live! what about you?? have you seen any good anime lately?? is the pilot's love song an anime?? i never heard of it!!oh gosh its a tear jerker?! just hearing you say that i know it'd make me tear up a lot LOLOL