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I welcome any conversations, sorry for the boring profile. I'm too lazy to put any effort into it. 

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MayomiCCz May 16, 2019

I totally apologize not responding to you waaaaay sooner. I never saw your comment until a few days ago.

But yes, if you were wondering, yes I drew the character in my avatar and the banner as well.

Ridoy00 Apr 29, 2019

Hi..i am new at This. But hope we can be friends.

xkuhaku Feb 13, 2019

O cool! I checked out their songs and dam im jealous of their fit!! I can never pull off outfits like that~

Yah the club itself isnt really that hard. I would say it more of balancing out my time with that and school. The club does take quite a bit of time and commitment.

linlindarlinggg Feb 5, 2019

I saw you read Ikigami: The ultimate limit and was wondering where you found it?
Perhaps im looking in the wrong places but i can only find 36 chapters. 

Also! Do you have any manga recommendations? 

xkuhaku Feb 4, 2019

Oh nice! Glad to hear that things are turning up ^^ Ooooo a concert! Who are you going to see??

Hehe thanks! Yah school's tough but I enjoy it :) I've never really enjoyed school until I got into college. I just think its crazy how society wants/expects us to be in school for 20+ years so that we can "survive" in this world >.> I'm about to graduate and I feel more lost with what I wanna do with my life than I was in freakin middle school LOOOL. JEZUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!

I'm in the Taiko Club. Simply put, it's pretty much Japanese drums haha. I used to do korean traditional dance/drums before going into college but they didn't have a club for it. So the closest I could find that was similar to that was Taiko and so I decided why not have a different challenge :P