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xKaede Apr 7, 2017

'kay, I'll go off here now ... Good night, precious ♥

xKaede Apr 7, 2017

I know, sweetie ... that's probably the main reason why you love them, hahaha <3 Take care of them, okay? You know how much I need your massage <3 Yeah ... well, being a tiny girl with ... well, this ... it's really awkward <____< Thank you so much, precious, I really appreciate what you always do for me <3 Yees, don't worry, I will show you a pic ... before I go to bed, okay? <3

Hahhaa, your recommendations are always good, sweetie :P Really? I'm looking forward to it ... want to see the badass animation and epic fights <3 Sagra what? I'll check, hahaha <3

I know, I can imagine what you mean ... but hey "having sex with someone they met the day before" is real life, sweetie ... there's no difference :P

Moe Kare is awesome, believe me <3 Arata is my fav character as you know and he's such a sweetheart ... at first a player, then a Tsundere and then a precious Dandere and he's actually really innocent :P Kinda a mixture of Fuyuhiko and Mochizou? Mhhh, maybe <3

xKaede Apr 7, 2017

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeez, you're always so fast, sweetie q______q

Nee nee, is it okay if I reply one last time here and then go offline? Will come on Skype again after, alright? <3

xKaede Apr 7, 2017

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut ... :P Well, for you, they really have ... I know how much you love them :P ... but not for me, unfortunately ... I mean, like seriously, they always hurt q_____q Even more when I come back from work ... ugh, my legs, my arms, my back, ehem "them" ... I need your massage <3 Ohh, really? No, you didn't ... but that's great, I love rooms with AC's <3 Nee nee, I have to send you a picture later on, on WA ... Nane ordered a mat recently for my room and it arrived today :P Maybe I'll also get a Totoro carpet soon :3

Ohh no, really? -.-* Mhhh, you convinced me now that I'll never watch or read this, hahaha :P Yes, please ... I haven't checked anything this season, only AoT 2 which I am hyping <3

I will, don't worry c:

Oh, hahaha ... well, I don't mind sex scenes, after all, it's something natural :P but I don't really have the desire to watch two persons making love xD Shoujos make it right, they actually have a meaning there ... we have to read Moe Kare together, it's my fav Shoujo manga <3

xKaede Apr 7, 2017


I did, don't worry ... Hope you too :P

Ara ara, sweetie, what's wrong? <3 Buuuuuuuuut they can be sooooo annoying ... Can't they just be smaller? :P This is why I prefer winter, hahaha ... geez <3

Wait, so was the anime with less fanservice or the manga? Anyways, you knwo I probably won't give it a try ... Fuuka doesn't sounds promising for me :c

I see ... well, I think last season wasn't as good as the previous ones ... Though Youjo Senki could be a small masterpiece, I want to try it soon :D Why was Scum's Wish disappointing?