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frankstleBilly Jun 27, 2017

Unfortunately, me neither. Even if I'd really like to catch up with some stuffs or watch more in hte next season. Did you watch Attack on Titan 2 or Boku no Hero Academia 2, instead?

I didn't bother with AoT 2, I wasn't too excited for that because it was so long overdue that when it eventually came out I didn't care about AoT. XD

I'm a few episodes behind on My Hero Academia 2 but it's pretty awesome. Got a nice sense of pace and the action is a lot of fun. :D

It is... it really is, believe me, and I think that you'll enjoy [Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku] a lot. Let me know when you will :D

Will do! Thanks for the recommendation. ^^

Seems like your freetime is still pretty interesting, though :P 

It's pretty chill to be honest. My time these days is mostly spent playing GTA: San Andreas or reading comics. Not a wide range of stuff but it's a lot of fun. :P

Are you still busy these days? Anything new going on? :o

iiRuru Jun 26, 2017


Sianeka Jun 20, 2017

Transporter says...  It is exactly what I meant! You will always get back what you deserve, believe me c: When you work that much, there's always a big reward waiting for you :P And I'm sure that you will be able to keep WECO, trust me!

Lately, it's been a bit easier for me since the flood of new members has slowed down a little bit.  When the site was getting over 1000 new signups every day, it was super, super tough!  One would think more new members on the site would mean more new WECO Greeter signups, but most new members nowadays don't volunteer.

Transporter says...  Oh yes, I'm making some job tests to work as a Nurse, since I completed my studies at the university last November ^^

Ah, good luck then!  I used to work in the medical field (that's what field my degree is in also) but circumstances have taken me out of that field...  Life is surprising sometimes.  I do hope you find related work soon!

Transporter says...  Hahaha, thank you for your kindness! And yes, we've watched many things together, and I also have a list with everything, on my profile :P

Nice.  It's good to be able to look back and see when you watched something.  (I put little comments on my lists to help me remember what I felt when I watch each show.)

BeckaPanda Jun 20, 2017

Yeah, I know all to well how it works >u<

<div class="cta horizontal-cta">Take your time! You are working with adult stuff, that makes us grow up, so take your time! Adulthood is hard! TvT</div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta"> </div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta">well, the short story: ups and downs. A lot have happened the past year. School, work, family, moved.. growing up in generall XD</div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta">Long Story: School: I'm writing my bachelor paper and will turn it in now in August. And will deffend my paper a few week later
                  Work: Due to budget cuts in the end of last year, I got fired from the elder center (on december 23th). Sooo I had to get a new job (love the new job and people, but super hard).
                  Move: I moved out on my own, I'm such an adult!!! 
                  Family: stuff
                  Health: Ups and down, due to a lot of stress around new year I was put on bed rest for a month by my doctor. Do not worry! I'm doing much better! I have started to work out again, dieting and try to not stay up all night. I have also gotten 3 tattoes the last year XD
                  Growing up: I still call my mom for help sometimes :'D I'm an adult that needs help from a more adulter adult..! </div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta"> </div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta">So how are you and your stuff doing? ^^</div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta"> </div>
xKaede Jun 19, 2017

Lol, what response? I don't know what he's talking about, there is no message :/