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frankstleBilly Aug 1, 2017

As regard My Hero Academia, I definitely agree with you! It is such a great and enjoying anime, even if you're some eps behind (I have to watch the 15th), and it's full of enjoyable characters. At least for me :P

I agree, it's one of my favourite shounen of recent memory, if not my favourite. Which characters do you like most? I love Tsu, Uraraka, and Aizawa-sensei. I also thought the girl with vine hair was cute. I saw somebody say once that if you took all the girls from Hero Academia and put them each in a different show, they'd be best girl in it, as if the mangaka had a talent for creating girls with waifu material. XD

And me? Well, kinda... xD I'm following some Master lessons, travelling around Italy for job tests and studying a lot (always for the tests), so yeah... you can see that I'm busy q____q I'm doing my best, though, by watching some anime :P What about you? Are you watching something of this season?

Well so far, I've seen the first episode of Kakegurui which I liked, and I've heard that Tsurezure Children is good so I'm thinking about watching that. What have you been watching? ^^

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Trythion Jul 23, 2017

Marcooooooo :D

Thank you~! Yes, I am doing fine, I had a rough start to this year but things are getting better, in a few months I will finish school and move on into university c: Studies and job tests huh?? That is very important, I wish you the best of luck and do hope you get what you're looking for in it, I know you can do it!! :) 

Ah I had a feeling that was you :o I sent you a friend request on steam just now, my username is the same as on here :D

Well, as I write this, the last chapter has just been released recently, and all I can say is wow TwT I loved the ending and I felt so sad reading it but also happy at the same time, it wrapped things up well with the relationships, Gray and Juvia got together which was what I was hoping for <3 (I hope I'm not spoiling too much if you haven't read it!) I've been following Fairy Tail for a long time and it's so impactful to me when the manga ends.. But Mashima has said that he'll be in charge of the last season of the Fairy Tail anime in 2018, so still lots to look forward to and perhaps he'll include more stuff when it ends :)

It's okay! Whenever you can! :D

iiRuru Jul 18, 2017


Do you remember me still? Probably not, because I changed my username...

It's me, Ruri-chan! I'm sorry Marco, I haven't been active at all for a while. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I have been very busy, distracted and just...I feel horrible lately, haha.

Anyway, I hope you're okay. Miss talking to you a lot! I don't mind if you ever reply late, so don't worry. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

P.S. My birthday is in 4 days.

Trythion Jul 17, 2017

Haaaiiii Marcooo~ :D I'm back!

You told me this a while ago but I wanted to say I'm glad you've been better and hope you're not too overwhelmed by all the things keeping you busy c: Sara mentioned you were doing things that impacted your future, and I can relate myself this year TwT I apologise for my 2 month absence!

Thank you for inviting me to your Whatsapp group also :D I'd be happy to join in even with the timezone differences!

Recently, I was catching up on fairy tail and wondering to myself what your thoughts on it would be :o Have you read any of the manga in your spare time?? I've been getting emotional reading the latest chapters because there is only 1 chapter of the whole series left, and then it's over >_< Fairy Tail has come so far in many years, I just wanna talk about how crazy its been with someone TwT

In any case, I know you must still be pretty busy with stuff, but if you ever have any free time, I'd love to hear from you again c:

Heroine Jul 14, 2017

Hello, oh no worries! It is nice to meet you as well, I am Channel. (: Yeah, I was a bit surprised at the beginning why she writes english, but now I know why. That is really awful, I know very well by myself the situation she is in now... I hope she is alright and can come back online soon. Thank you, it was nice of you that you told me this about Sara!^^