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iiRuru Apr 3, 2017

Hi...I don't know if you remember me?

If you do, I just came to say I'm sorry for leaving A-P so suddenly, and I miss you.

Everything is still difficult and crazy for me, honestly.

I hope you're okay, and I might be back here some day, but I'm not too sure...

xKaede Mar 21, 2017

Josh ♥

xKaede Mar 12, 2017

Kokoro Connect - the first anime I have ever dropped and hopefully the only one <_____<

Sianeka Mar 9, 2017

Transporter says...  Siaaaaaaaa! How are you? Everything's going well? I'm sorry if I couldn't reply anymore, last time, but I have been pretty busy with so many things, geez... x__x And yes, I'm feeling pretty well since a lot, don't owrry :P What about you? How's things going?

Things are so busy for me.  Seems I finally make some progress on one project and all my others fall behind, or I get new obstacles to halt continued progression.  So frustating to never have enough time to catch up on things I want done!!!  I'm sure you know the feeling as well...

Transporter says...  And I know this, and I'm very thankful for your words, even if I don't think I did that much... I just did my best for the WECO, when I was a member, and I hope I could help you and everyone else c: Me and Sara? Hahaha, it would be so awesome, why not? <3 But actually we're both busy (especially her), so we have to see in the future :P

Oh, I know it's a pipedream, and not able to happen at this time, but I still have my hopes for someday. *smile*  (Note that my wishful someday still has you and Sara happy together in the future!)