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HiraethCaspiinova Nov 27, 2018

Hello. I am contacting you in regards to your comment on Yuno Gasai's character profile page. I noticed your reference to a comment below yours. From how I analyzed that individual's point, I don't think the fact that Shion was taken hostage by a brain parasite was truly the message she was trying to convey. I think she meant that Shion's justification for behaving the way she did is more realistic than a theme of time travel. This overall made her more compelling and relatable to watch because of that. I haven't watched whatever show this Shion comes from, but it is clear to me that she has true reasons for being a yandere that do not tie into fictitious constructs such as time travel. This makes her more unique than Yuno because there are not many characters in anime that are involved in that scenario. Natural insanity and time travel are two very prominent themes in the industry. I'm not saying I necessarily agree with the girl, but I just wanted to shed a little light on her platform in case there was some sort of misconception. Needless to say, both parties are completely entitled to their own opinion. 

lindapearl Oct 12, 2018

Hello, welcome to anime-planet. Hope you enjoy your time here