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Hello, Hajimemashite! I grew up with manga/anime, and started watching anime again to escape from reality in 2020. 
I will watch most genre as long as it's not too scary or too much fan service, love to hear your suggestions! :)

Some anime that I enjoy 

Kamisama Kiss 

Attack on Titan 

Psycho Pass 

ID: Invaded - 2020 hidden gem! especially Episode 10!

Love is hard for Otaku 

Devils' line 

Angels of Deaths.

Honourable mention: Devilman: crybaby     Violet Evergarden    Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

 My favourite male characters: Levi - Attack on Titan, Tomoe - Kamisama Kiss and Makishima - Psycho Pass.

Favourite female characters - Mai Sakurajima from Bunny Girl Senpai, Misaki from Maid Sama and Nanami from Kamisama Kiss.





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Torhuhonda Feb 21, 2021

i advise you to keep watching fruits basket cause ur missing a lot of good stuff

Hatorii Dec 12, 2020

Hi there! thank you for following, I hope you are doing well, has life been treating you okay? Watch anything good lately?

PrincessFairy8 Nov 2, 2020

I don't think it's fair to say that by episode 13 Mei should've stopped having such low self-esteem. That stuff takes a lot of time. Gaining more confidence and stuff takes a long time so it's not fair to expect her to reach that after just a few months :)

ChrisACat Oct 23, 2020

"I don't get him. Why mindlessly agree to be Taiga's dog even though crushing on someone else? Also, a guy that cooks good food, clean freak, and can sew(?) and feel no shame/embarrassment to sew bra pads?!?! You won't find another unbelievable character as bad as this in anime or in real life, and even if there is, he will be friend-zoned on day 1."

Saying that Ryuuji mindlessly becomes Taiga's dog is a bit unfair.  He was looking out for Taiga, helping her get with Kitamura because he faced similar struggles confessing his love to Minori and didn't want to see that with Tiaga.  He also helped out with the clean, cooking, and housewife stuff because there was no one to take care of Taiga alone in her apartment.  I don't consider his motives mindless.

And also cooking, cleaning, and sewing are definitely desirable traits that definitely won't get you friend-zoned. 

Y3AT Oct 22, 2020

are u mentally ill? go to doctors m8, u have some brain problems,  like no cap u should get some pills man