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What?! No manga ratings?

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Farny Oct 15, 2020

I'm fine, thank you, what about you? ^-^

Are you watching/reading something interesting at the moment? :)

RaveyTrilless Oct 15, 2020

highschool of the dead was amazing what're you saying!?

Mentallysighing Oct 14, 2020

Hello, tbh I don’t like her as much anymore I used to think she was a good character but as I watch more anime and actually look at her character, I've come to realize that she really isn’t that good of a character and also the story isn’t that great either. I’m assuming you have watch it so, What do you think of Vampire Knight?

TheBigSecret Oct 14, 2020

Hello! I'm not so good at explaining myself, but I'll try.

I love the concept of magical girls in general - something about using some sort of positive energy (love, hope, friendship, whatever is the theme of the show) to transform into a more powerful version of yourself is something that I think we could benefit from trying in real life, although obviously without the powers. I also think transformation sequences are fun. I like when people have powers and costumes that are unique to them.

For Sailor Moon specifically... I don't know, it just has a sort of charm to it. The characters themselves were good role models for young people, especially girls, at the time. They had their flaws, but that helped make them seem more realistic and helped to show how you can still be successful/have a good time even when you aren't the best at everything. I personally love all of Sailor Scouts except for Chibi-Usa, but even then, I understand why she is the way she is. Most of the show's messages are good too. Some of them haven't aged well in my opinion, ex) I personally don't think slapstick humor is funny and showcasing it in relationships can be harmful, but many of the others are, again, helpful for young people. Oh, and I really enjoy the overall aesthetic.

It's cheesy, but I still love it! Sorry for the long response. ^^'

Raisuky Oct 14, 2020

Yh, it is! I really love that manga. It's one of my favourite ones
I love her as well