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idekwhatmynameis Jun 6, 2016

Watching anime is fun haha

Indeed it is :3

During the summer, I don't really go outside cuz it gets hot in California lol and my skin sorta changes colors to the amount of sun I get, so during the summer, I never really go outside until school and then after a month of school, my skin turns legit golden (like real gold hehe)

Ah California, yea I would die there bc of the heat D: and wow at least you get a tan ;D I'm basically transparent and if Im in the sun for more than 5 minutes, I'll burn and turn bright red x3

I'm sorry, I'm odd lol

Aw it's okay, I'm odd too :P

How about you?

Well I bought Volume 7 of Tokyo Ghoul on Saturday and I played Pokemon the whole day on Sunday (Still am tbh, I may or may have slept.... (i didnt)) :D I dont really have an exciting life atm since I dont have school and my friends do so yea... Boredom and stuff, but I dont mind :3

idekwhatmynameis Jun 5, 2016

Hahah, it's okay :3 Japanese isn't a language everyone can speak/understand, so it's understandable :3

Also how have you been?? Done anything fun this weekend?? :D

idekwhatmynameis Jun 5, 2016

"Itashimashite" means "you're welcome" :3

frankstleBilly Jun 5, 2016

I'm appreciating the Boondocks reference. x)