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frankstleBilly Jun 6, 2016

I'm also fine thanks ^^

For saying that I'm very British, I've never actually eaten an English muffin. :o I do eat crumpets though. XD

frankstleBilly Jun 6, 2016

Oh, ok. It's actually late in the evening in the UK, but hello. x) How're you doing?

frankstleBilly Jun 6, 2016

Completely forgot what "ohayo" means. XD

frankstleBilly Jun 6, 2016

I love South Park, but haven't ever been particularly interested in Family Guy or American Dad. Not to say they're bad, I just haven't shown any interest in them. x)

I've heard that Peach Girl is pretty good, so I'll check it out at some point. ^^

idekwhatmynameis Jun 6, 2016

O-O you sing too, Senpai (*-*)  wowww, I don't even know the basics to piano, and I actually didn't know the names of the chords on guitar until recently haha, I just knew the formation of my fingers (I learn things weirdly when I teach myself)

Hahah yea, I always had to sing whenever I had music at school >o< I only know the chords of piano bc of school tbh x3 And that's really coo, wish I could teach myself :0

Yes, music is the love of my life, by artist I meant a musician xD It's 3 am and I'm having an anime binge rn so I make alot of mistakes. But anyways, I am very passionate about music, it's almost like poetry in a way... I dunno maybe I should stop before I get really deep into the subject hehe. Anyways goodnight, senpai Cx

I already thought so, about the musician thing :D ENjoy your anime binge and sleep tight :3