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Hello you who stumbled upon my profile!

I'm a 19-year-old girl from Finland who obviously watches anime and reads some manga. There's not much to tell about me other than I spend my time daydreaming, listening to music and watching anime. And well, for some mysterious reasons I recently began to self-study Japanese more seriously than just knowing Hiraganas and even invested in a study book to keep myself more motivated. Since there's nothing else to say about me, here's my history with animes and mangas...

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I have been watching anime ever since I was little. Our DVD shelf was full of Studio Ghibli movies and that's why Tonari no Totoro (My neighbour Totoro) was the very first anime that I saw. When I knowingly started watching anime I only watched drama and romance ones because I had been reading romantic books for years. That's why my first anime series was Itazura Na Kiss and after that I discovered Kimi ni Todoke - From me to you as well as Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride).


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I don't remember which anime series was my first touch to fantasy anime, but I think it was Noragami or Fullmetal Alchemist (after it I watched Brotherhood). Around that time I also joined Anime-Planet. Fantasy animes started to get to me more and more and I quickly fell in love with Fairy Tail and I still can proudly call it one of my favorite animes despite so many hating it. I don't particularly have an anime that's above all the others so I created a list with all My favorites. In the near future I have planned to make a list of my ultimate favorite characters too. (As a little update uhh I ended up making a Favorite OST list and not characters... but maybe one day I will make the characters one too, we'll see!)


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I've been trying to introduce myself to different kinds of genres. I definitely have been enjoying a lot of heavily fantasy animes but have kept on watching a few romance and drama ones. Now I realised that many of the fantasy animes that I watch have somewhat a big chunk of romance in them too. I wonder what's the reason for that... Anyways, here are some animes that I've watched lately and enjoyed them a lot: The Rising of the Shield Hero, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Goblin Slayer, Horimiya, Inuyasha and Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn). Along with those, I totally fell for Haikyuu and I was rather taken aback since I've been avoiding sports animes.


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Noragami became my first manga that I read, because I wanted to know what will happen after the anime's second season. (Honestly, where's the third season??) I also ended up reading The Ancient Magus' bride because the anime didn't continue and my curiosity was endless. After that I just started reading romance and drama mangas and forgot about anime's existence. My favorite manga up to this date is Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet. I've read it like 5 times already, and I've come back to it even when I wasn't reading other mangas or watching anime. Recently, I've also made myself familiar with webtoons and ended up reading a bunch of them. My favorite is called Here u are and it was just so beautiful and wholesome.

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I haven't seen many animes that aren't considered as animes but my favorite is Avatar: The Last Airbender (was that a surprise?). I watched it on the TV as a child and when I got older I bought the DVDs and binged through them with my sister. I was also supposed to buy Legend of Korra but I haven't gotten to it yet.

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Underneath is my simple star rating system. I struggled with giving star ratings so I created a chart in my head and this is the finished product that I wrote down mostly to remind myself how I do it. The star ratings that I give are totally my own opinions and I respect it if your opinion doesn't match with mine. If I have rated your favorite anime totally wrong please ask about it from me and I can try to explain my reasons. My manga star ratings haven't yet been edited to match this chart but I will do it one day (I promise). 

「 My star ratings explained 」

★★★★★ - excellent, perfection, my absolute favourite

★★★★✧ - great and enjoyable, almost nothing to complain about

★★★★ - good and enjoyable

★★★✧ - worth watching, entertaining, above average

★★★ - average, not good or bad but watchable

★★✧ - slightly boring, things could have been executed better

★★ - boring, not my cup of tea

★✧ - bad and dull, barely nothing interesting

★ - just horrible, annoying, nothing interesting

✧ - the worst, why did I even watch this?


I stopped rating some movies (that are part of a series since they usually have the same rating), OVA's and specials (I rarely watch them) and also music videos (I rarely ponder them - I just enjoy the music!).

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Feel free to comment on my profile if you have any questions or recommendations. I will answer when I have time and I will also follow back. But now, thank you for reading my profile and I hope to hear from you!

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Kaeseolin Nov 29, 2022

Hey, you're welcome and it's nice to meet you! Also, sorry for responding very late!

First of all, I'm glad you liked my bio and it was organized very well. So there are a bit of changes in my top anime/manga and characters, but I would love to add more good stuff. And by the way, I will look for some ideas. :)

I hope you're doing great as well! :)

Lexi92 Nov 20, 2022

I have been dancing since I was 3. I went to a performing art high school in Seoul and they have a department for acting, singing, dancing etc. I was always into fashion since my mom is in the fashion business and because I did modeling since I was a kid I definitely was always into fashion and beauty stuff like skincare and makeup. 

Well, I was into Kpop and Korean drama which is the one reason why I was interested in Korea. 

Bloom19 Nov 17, 2022

Well don't feel bad about it I haven't watched it in a couple of years haha. Oh yes I am totally with you I loved that one also because she was older then him and that is not something you do in Korea! >///<

Yeah I cannot really say that it is awesome to have things color organized but that is just how it is hahaha 

Hahahaha I really know the feeling that is how I have it with a lot of things that mostly have a deadline ups and then end up doing it on the day before haha...

That's okay I often myself just end up watching anime or reading manga too then answering but I am just glad that you hadn't forgotten or abandoned me ); So no worry I am also busy myself these days ;)

XxZeroeZxX Oct 30, 2022


I feel like he develops the accent like 20-30s in lol

Bloom19 Oct 16, 2022

It's okay I haven't had time to reply either because I like to it when I have a lot of time so I can answar thoroughly! ^_^

Yeah you are totally right I have used a lot of time to put some new stuff in and some changes too. And I just thought it was easier for me to remember the K-Drama that way!

Hahaha well that happens sometimes a word you don't think about where it comes from or what it means! I did know it but I had forgotten about so thanks hihi ;)

Oh yes I know the problem it is so anoying! I love bying new stuff or when christmas comes I get presents that I want but I end up hating it because then I have to find room for it and that is tough when it has to match in colors!!!

Yeah do that you can always change it if you do not like it! >w< That makes me happy I have actually never seen that movie but I know I am going to cry so hard!!! D;

Hahaha that's funny and really cute! >///<

You can find Hi Bye, Mama! on Netflix it is a Original :)

Oh well you are very welcome I am just happe to help XD

Yes do that I will love to see some changes!!! >w<