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about me

♡ college student (BA in Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting)

♡ currently living in Greece, soon in Heidelberg

♡ speaks EL (native), EN (C2), DE (C2), FR (B2), ES (B2), wants to learn IT, CHI and PT

♡ bookworm, cinephile, drama addict, music lover

♡ loves writing, translating, journaling, foreign languages

♡ personality type: intj-t

♡ Gemini sun, Gemini moon, Cancer rising, tiger

♡ Ravenclaw (and proud)

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Misatoo Sep 18, 2021


thanks for follow love

osaka Jul 4, 2021

Hey hey!!

I am soo sorry that I wasn't replying- I know it was a long long time ago but well- 
My school was ending and had to keep up with exams. But now i am back and i hope we can talk a bit anyway :<<

Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?! So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D 
Or maybe you have your favourite character??

Slinderman407 Jun 21, 2021

Thanks for the follow!!

I followed back!! <333

Gozza Jun 19, 2021

No problem at all and welcome to the site!

I'm not sure if I'm the best person for recommendations, but I can always try. What kind of shows are you looking for?

The site also has a rather active forum where a lot of people would love to help you find shows to watch!

If you have any questions, feel free to poke me... Hopefully I'll be able to help you out!

Noitra Jun 19, 2021

Hello, Honey!!!

Welcome to Anime-Planet. Hope you will spend a wonderful time here.