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chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Ukitake Juushirou and Hitsugaya Toushirou  <3

I choose Momo-chan because I may disguise into her at the Otakuthon in august =3

'Cuz she's the one who looks the most like me in Bleach... And she has the same height... =3

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Thank you!!  =3

chibikunXIII Apr 12, 2009


It's... just because you like a lot of things I like  =3

Thank you for the comment!!!

(Oh, you're right, my avatar is the 13th squad's... I forgot the word, sorry ^^'(Let's say I'm from Quebec and my first language is French..))

Uh, yeah! Thanks again!!

Suzuka Apr 11, 2009


Check out this new anime just came out "Hanasakeru Seishounen" look promising. But the best part is that it has lot of Bishounens. I haven't see it myself but going to. So if u have time check it out. 

Suzuka Apr 10, 2009

I actual Bishounens to see what it mean. N now I c lol. Well u can say I'm the opposite of that lol. I have a lot of romance/comedy recommendation on the list once u finish with Suzuka. Can't wait till u read the Manga too. U'll love it even more.