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caffeinelord Apr 13, 2009

xD Woooop! Yeah randomness! lol. :3 Fun stuff.

Your avatar makes me wanna go watch KKM, haha! *hasn't finished third season yet*

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

I will!! Right after my Bleach episode 47!!!

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Oooh!!! looks so sweet!! That Yuuri Wolfram pairing!! Kawaii!!!!!!!!

caffeinelord Apr 13, 2009

xD lol, I have no idea! I was just clicking profiles and it happened to be yours.

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Oooh«~ Renji Byakuya.. sounds a bit like a love/hate relatonship...


I think the weird-est one I saw was ZangetsuIchigo...

Yaoi forever!!

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